Fab Vocab 226-250

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  1. Bloviate
    To speak pompously or verbosely
  2. bonhomie
    a pleasant and offable disposition, genitality
  3. corporea
    or realating to, or of the body, material nature
  4. mendacious
    lying, untruthful, false
  5. Nugatory
    of little or no importance, triffiling, no force
  6. obstreperous
    noisy, stubbornly, unruly
  7. celerity
    swiftness of action or motion, speed
  8. quell
    to controll a potentially explisive situation
  9. wizend
    dry, shrunken, wrinkled
  10. vituperative
    using, containing, marked by harshly abusive censure
  11. braggadocio
    empty boasting
  12. morass
    marsh or swamp, situation that traps, onfuses, impedes, confusing mass or mixture
  13. penchant
    a stong liking
  14. legerdemain
    sleigth of hand, a display of skill adroiness
  15. serendipity
    faculty or phenomenon, finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for
  16. ineluctable
    impossible to avoid or evade
  17. mellifluous
    flowing sweetly or smoothly
  18. tome
    a large book
  19. puelile
  20. skulduggery
    devious, dishonest, unscruplous behavior or activity
  21. bumptious
    crudely, presumptively noisely, self assertive
  22. perseverate
    to continue something, usually to an exeptional degree, beyond desired point
  23. pithy
    concisely meaningful
  24. quiescence
    being quiet, still, at rest, inactive, causing no trouble or symptoms
  25. prescient
    knowing the outcome of events before they happen
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