French Health and Welfare Verbs

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  1. penser
    to think
  2. toucher
    to touch
  3. entendre
    to hear
  4. écouter
    to listen
  5. parler
    to speak
  6. regarder
    to look at
  7. voir
    to see
  8. sentir
    to smell
  9. manger
    to eat
  10. boire
    to drink
  11. marcher
    to walk
  12. courir
    to run
  13. se reveiller
    to wake-up
  14. se lever
    to get up
  15. se laver
    to wash
  16. se baigner
    to bathe
  17. se sécher
    to dry oneself
  18. s’habiller
    to get dressed
  19. se brosser
    to brush
  20. se peigner
    to comb one’s hair
  21. se couper
    to cut
  22. se maquiller
    to put on make-up
  23. se raser
    to shave
  24. se dépêcher
    to hurry
  25. se reposer
    to rest/relax
  26. se déshabiller
    to get undressed
  27. se coucher
    to go to bed
  28. s’endormir
    to fall asleep
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