SAT Vocab #28-29

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  1. amenities
    (n, pl) acts which are conductive to pleasantness; agreeable manners; courtesies
  2. chauvinism
    (n) exaggerated patriotism
  3. diffidence
    (n) lacking confidence on oneself; unduly timid; shy
  4. ethereal
    (adj) relating to the heavens; celestial; airy
  5. iniquity
    (n) gross injustice; wickedness
  6. malinger
    (v) to pretend to be ill in order to avoid doing one's duty
  7. obdurate
    (adj) stubborn; inflexible, unyielding to persuasion
  8. paean
    (n) song of praise; expression of joy
  9. penchant
    (n) a strong leaning or attraction; strong inclination
  10. proxility
    (n) long winded; verbose; redundant
  11. quintessence
    (n) pure, concentrates essence of something
  12. rampant
    (adj) unchecked; unrestrained; widespread
  13. saccharine
    (adj) overly sweet
  14. saturnine
    (adj) heavy; gloomy
  15. upraid
    (v) scold; accuse; reproach
  16. analogous
    (adj) corresponding to relating to something else
  17. cogitate
    (v) reflect upon; think over; plan
  18. culinary
    (adj) pertaining to a kitchen or cooking
  19. defunct
    (adj) dead
  20. expiate
    (v) atone for; to make complete satisfaction for; make amends for
  21. fracas
    (n) disorderly uproar; quarrel; brawl
  22. intransigent
    (adj) refusing to moderate an extreme position; uncompromising
  23. martinet
    (adj) someone who overly enjoys discipline; overly strict
  24. meretricious
    (adj) gaudy, flashy or garish; vulgar
  25. mordant
    (adj) sarcastic; bitingly painful; incisive and keen
  26. predatory
    (adj) preying on others; plundering, pillaging, or marauding
  27. regimen
    (n) system; systematic course of diet
  28. solicitous
    (adj) concerned, attentive; eager
  29. suave
    (adj) smoothly polite; urbane; polished
  30. temporize
    (v) to compromise to gain time; act evasively to avoid argument; postpone a decision
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