Music Vocab MAT

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  1. Absolute music
    instrumental music with no text, story. Abstract-stands for itself
  2. Baroque
    • Elaborate, intense and full of spirit.
    • Opera was explored
  3. Classical
    Centered in Vienna. Stressed balance, form, and restraint in music
  4. Fugue
    • polyphonic
    • employed by Bach
  5. Gregorian chant
    • Plainchant music. Monophonic.
    • Vocal music of the church
  6. Jazz
    • Truly "American" music.
    • black American musical traditions of folk music, ragtime and the blues.
    • strong beat, improv.
    • Rhythmic with a swing feel
  7. Medieval Period
    secular and sacred music were composed bust mostly sacred survived as monks transcribed the music used for worship in Christian mass
  8. Madrigal
    form which utilizes composed poetry and new music for each verse
  9. Mass
    polyphonic service
  10. Motet
    vocal polyphony for church use
  11. Nationalism
    patriotic infuence, spirit, and flavor within the musical composition
  12. Orchestral symphony
    • large work for orchestra (4 movements)
    • first is sonata form
  13. Passions
    Choral. Oratoris based on the Crucifixion of Christ
  14. Polyphony
    two or more lines of melody/distinct thoughts performed together
  15. Program music
    descriptive music which represents ideas, thoughts, and feelings
  16. Recitative
    words and speech set to music. pitches reflect the inflections of the voice
  17. Renaissance
    A "rebirth" and revival of humanistic thoughts
  18. Romantic
    Employed emotional feelings in music
  19. Song cycles
    Works of music related by content or musical thoughts. Used by Schumann.
  20. Tone poem
    Music which is dramatic and incorporates elements of a poetic nature
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