shosh: breast pathology

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  1. Fibroadenoma
    • Small, mobile, firm mass
    • Most common mass in women under 25
    • Benign
    • Not a precursor to cancer
  2. Intraductal papilloma
    • Small tumor that grows in lactiferous ducts
    • Bloody nipple discharge
  3. Phyllodes tumor
    • Large mass of CT and cysts
    • Affects older women
    • May become malignant
  4. Most important prognostic factor in breast cancer
    Axillary lymph node mets
  5. Treatment if tumor has estrogen receptors
  6. Treatment if tumor has HER2/neu
  7. Ductal carcinoma in situ
    Arises from ductal hyperplasia
  8. Invasive ductal carcinoma
    • Most common breast cancer
    • Firm, fibrous, hard mass, due to desmoplasia
    • Cells are small, glandular, and duct-like
    • Poor prognosis
  9. Invasive lobular carcinoma
    • Orderly rows of cells
    • Bilateral
  10. Medullary carcinoma
    • Fleshy, soft to palpation
    • Good prognosis
  11. Inflammatory carcinoma
    Peau d'orange appearance of skin, due to invasion by the carcinoma of the dermal lymphatics
  12. Paget's disease
    • Eczematous patches on nipples
    • Large cells with clear halos in epidermis
    • Suggest an underlying neoplasm
  13. Fibrocystic disease
    • Most common cause of breast lumps
    • Often bilateral (unlike all cancers, except lobular)
    • No increased risk of carcinoma
  14. Acute mastitis
    • Breast abscess during breast feeding
    • Usually caused by S. aureus
  15. Fat necrosis
    Result of trauma
  16. Galactocele
    Obstruction of lactiferous ducts, associated with oral contraceptive use
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