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  1. Characteristics of Chun Wen (spring-warmth)?
    "Chun Wen starts from Yangming"
  2. Contraction of Chun Wen?
  3. Onset of Chun Wen?
    • spring
    • acute
  4. Pathogenic factor of Chun Wen?
  5. Transmission of Chun Wen?
    initial stage: exuberant heat (more internal than external), can be accompanied by exterior syndrome but not marked. 2 types:

    • 1. hidden PF, no wei/exterior symptoms
    • 2. new contraction, has wei symptoms
  6. Treatment of Chun Wen?
    • Qi level: bitter-cold herbs to purge internal heat
    • Ying level: clear Ying heat & release exterior if present
    • Xue level: clear heat, cool blood, relieve toxicity
  7. Qi aspect pattern
    (heat constrained in Gb)
    Huang Qin Tang + Dou Chi & Xuan Shen

    • Herbs:
    • Huang Qin
    • Shao Yao
    • Zhi Gan Cao
    • Da Zao
    • Dan Dou Chi
    • Xuan Shen Ye
  8. Qi aspect pattern
    (scorching heat in chest & diaphragm)
    Lian Ge San

    • Herbs:
    • Da Huang
    • Mang Xiao
    • Gan Cao
    • => Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang
    • Zhi Zi
    • Bo He
    • Huang Qi
    • Lian Qiao
    • Zhu Ye
  9. Ying aspect pattern
    (clear Ying heat)
    Qing Ying Tang

    • Herbs:
    • Xi Jiao
    • Sheng Di Huang
    • Xuan Shen
    • Zhu Ye (clear heat from Ying level)
    • Mai Dong
    • Dan Shen
    • Huang Lian
    • Yin Hua (clear heat from Ying level)
    • Lian Qiao (clear heat from Ying level)
  10. Xue aspect pattern
    (intense heat causing frenetic blood)
    Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang
  11. Latter stage of febrile disease
    (exhaustion of Kd Yin)
    Jia Jian Fu Mai Tang

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Chun wen
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