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  1. What did the German Government do in an attempt to pay off its debts? What did this lead to?
    • they printed more& more banknotes
    • inflation
  2. What did Germany fail to do in late 1922?
    pay the second instalment of the reparations
  3. France and Belgium invaded what?
    Germanys richest industrial region, the Ruhr Valley, in January 1923
  4. What did The French and Belgian troops do once they got to the Ruhr Valley?
    • took over mines, factories and railways
    • moved food and supplies back to their own countries
  5. why didn't Germany fight back from the Invasion of the Ruhr? what did the Government do instead?
    • they were too weak to fight back
    • the Government called on all German workers to go on strike and to refuse to co-operate with the invading forces- a policy of Passive Resistance
  6. In result of the invasion, why were the French angry? what happened?
    • because of passive resistance
    • fights broke out, over 130 were killed and many more were made homeless
  7. what led to hyperinflation in Germany?
    • because of passive resistance between Germany and France, the Government had to import more supplies from other countries to support German workers
    • this made Germany bankrupt more and more paper money was printed
    • the value of the mark fell and by the end of 1923, the mark was worthless
  8. In what ways did inflation affect Germany? (6 points)
    • workers were paid twice a day
    • people bought food as soon as they got paid before the prices went up again
    • many families could not afford to feed their children
    • people bartered goods inexchange for food
    • the elderlys pensions stayed the same
    • life savings became worthless
  9. How was inflation solved?
    • Gustav Stresemann called off the general strike
    • the printing of the mark stopped
    • the mark was scrapped and replaced with the rentenmark
    • America lent money to Germany so reparations could be paid
  10. When did France& Belgium leave the Ruhr?
    late 1923
  11. When was the reparations bill reduced?
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