shosh: male genital tract

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  1. Common cause of bacterial prostatitis
    E. coli
  2. Zone where BPH occurs
    Transitional (early urinary symptoms)
  3. Zone where prostate cancer arises from
    Peripheral (late urinary symptoms)
  4. PAP and PSA
    • Prostate cancer tumor markers
    • (alk phos is a marker of bony mets)
  5. Cryptorchidism
    • Undescended testes
    • Infertility
    • Increased risk of germ cell tumor
    • Associated with premature birth and Klinefelter's
  6. Peyronie's disease
    Painful fibrosis of the penis
  7. Chronic epididymitis
    Associated with TB
  8. Orchitis
    • Associated with mumps
    • Testes show patchy atrophy
    • Rarely causes infertility
  9. Seminoma
    • Most common testicular tumor
    • Affects men between 15-35
    • Malignant
    • Cells have fried egg appearance
    • Very radiosensitive
  10. Embryonal carcinoma
    • Malignant
    • Painful mass
    • Poor prognosis
    • Associated with increased hCG and AFP
  11. Yolk sac tumor
    • Yellow, mucinous
    • Sciller-Duval bodies look like glomeruli
    • Increased AFP
    • Appears in younger patients
  12. Choriocarcinoma
    • Contains disorderly trophoblast elements
    • Malignant
    • Increased hCG
    • Gives rise to hemorrhagic masses
  13. Teratoma
    Mature teratomas are malignant, immature teratomas are benign
  14. Testicular lesions in older men
    • Spermatocytic seminoma
    • Lymphoma
  15. Leydig cell tumors
    • Secrete androgens
    • Cause precocious puberty in boys and gynecomastia in adults
    • Reinke crystals
  16. Sertoli cell tumors
    Androblastomas that form from sex cord stroma
  17. Testicular lymphoma
    Most common testicular cancer in older men
  18. Varicocele
    • Dilated veins in pampiniform plexus
    • Cause infertility, due to increased temp
    • Bag of worms appearance
  19. Hydrocele
    • Fluid within tunica vaginalis, due to incomplete fusion of processus vaginalis
    • Most common cause of scrotal enlargement
  20. Spermatocele
    Dilated epididymal duct, associated with trauma
  21. Bowen's disease
    • A carcinoma in situ that appears as a greyish plaque on the penis or scrotum
    • Can progess to SCC in under 10% of cases
    • Associated with visceral malignancy
  22. Erythroplasia of Queyrat
    Red velvety plaques on glans penis
  23. Bowenoid papules
    • Multiple papular lesions
    • Affects younger patients
    • NOT pre-malignant
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