Historical Figures

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  1. Susan B. Anthony
    • American suffragette
    • helped women earn the right to vote
  2. Osama bin Laden
    • Saudi revolutionary
    • founded al-Qaeda, 9/11/01, terror attacks US, militant Islamist group
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte
    • French ruler
    • declared himself emperor
    • established civil reforms (Civic Code)
    • died in exile on a small island St. Helena
  4. Fidel Castro
    • Cuban dictator
    • Communism
  5. John Calvin
    • French theologian
    • father of Calvinism
    • believed in predestination
  6. Charles III
    • Spanish king
    • reform and eliminated laws that restricted internal trade
    • strong Catholic, expelled Jesuits, entered American Revolution on American side
  7. Joan d'Arc
    • French saint
    • tried for heresy by England and burned at the stake 1431
  8. Frederick Douglass
    • Author and abolitionist
    • escaped slave, persuaded Lincoln to work to free slaves
  9. Desiderius Erasmus
    • Dutch Renaissance Christian humanist
    • wrote:In Praise of Folly
    • self improvement through education
    • priest, highly critical of abuses of the church
  10. Frederick the Great
    • King of Prussia
    • questioned religion/morality/power
    • 23yrs@war 23bldg honest
    • (abolish torture of prisoners)
  11. Mohatma Gandhi
    • Indian spiritual leader
    • non violent opposition to British gvmnt in India
    • humanitarian, catalyst for change in areas of civil disobedience
  12. Che Guevara
    • South American revolutionary
    • Cuban revolution
    • fought against Batista regime
  13. Henry IV
    (Henry of Navarre)
    • French Calvanist, King
    • converted to Catholicism
    • Edict of Nantes in 1589 extended religious tolerance to Huguenots
  14. Henry VIII
    • King of England
    • separated Church of England from Roman Catholic Church
    • eradicated papacy making himself Supreme Head of the Church
  15. Saddam Hussein
    • Iraqi President
    • Ba'ath party member
    • executed in 2006 by USA for housing weapons of mass destructions
  16. Martin Luther King
    • African American activist, Civil Rights Movement leader
    • "I Have a Dream" speech, Nobel Peac Price-ending racial discrimination via non-violent civil disobedience
    • Assassinated 1968
  17. Leopold I
    • Austrian emperor
    • Patron of arts, Catholic
    • drove Turkish army from Austria
  18. Vladimir Lenin
    • Articulate, Communist Soviet Union leader
    • led Bolshevik Revolution
  19. Louis XIV
    • King of France
    • longest monarch reign (European), divine right of kings, sought to eliminate feudalism
  20. Martin Luther
    Augustinian friar/teacher initiated Reformation in Germany. Salvation through faith
  21. Karl Marx
    • author/philosopher
    • created principles/ideology of communism
  22. Thomas More
    • lawyer/Lord Chancellor to Henry VIII of England
    • "utopia"
    • executed by Henry for refusing to recognize him as Supreme Head.
  23. Thomas a Kempis
    • German mystic
    • The Imitation of Christ
  24. Peter the Great
    • Tsar of Russia
    • 7ft tall (strong/energetic), modernize Russia
    • Treaty of Nystad with Sweden=Livonia and Estonia
    • built city of St. Petersburg
  25. Philip V
    • Spanish King
    • Modernized Spanish army
    • revived industry, agriculture, ship-building.
    • son ruled afterwards (Ferdinand VI)
  26. J.D. Rockefeller
    • leader in American corporate industrialism
    • revolutionized the petroleum industry
  27. Joseph Stalin
    • Soviet Union Supreme leader
    • Strident Communist (iron hand leader)
    • Millions died bcuz of policies
  28. John Wycliffe
    • English friar, church should follow scriptures
    • translated Bible into English
    • "Morning Star" of Reformation
  29. Mao Zedong
    (Mao Tse-tung)
    • Chinese Cultural Revolution
    • instituted Communism in People's Republic of China
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