Biology Plant and Animal behaviour

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  1. Abiotic Factor
    Physical factors in the environment such as temperature, light intensity and humidity
  2. Abscisic acid
    Plant growth substance that acts as a powerful growth inhibitor and plays an important part in maintaining dormancy in seeds and winter buds and may also be involved in gravitropism in roots
  3. Abscission
    The breaking of leaves, fruits and flowers as a result of the formation of a layer of weakness at the base.
  4. Absorption Spectrum
    Graph of the proportion of light absorbed by a pigment plotted against a wavelength
  5. Adult Stem Cells
    Stem cells derived from adult tissue (including umbilical cord)
  6. Afferent nerve fibre
    Nerve fibre that conveys impulses from a receptor to the central nervous system
  7. Allelopathy
    inhibition of the grpwth of competing species of plants by the production of growth-inhibiting substances by a plant
  8. amyloplast
    starch-storing organelle, probably involved in gravitropism
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