history 1 Exam 4

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  1. who were the mainstream society that began traveling around & getting coins from muslims (usually sons of nobles)
    Merchant class
  2. where did the merchant class go to sell their goods
    Market fairs
  3. the wall that surrounds the market fair (this eventually became known as the town)
  4. groups or clubs that would perforn a particular service (blacksmith, painter, contractor etc...)
  5. This informed the people of a burg what they had to do and didnt have to do for a lord (annual rent)
  6. if a peasant or escaped criminal could stay in a burg for 1 year + 1 day they could live there without a problem, this was called?
    the year and a day rule
  7. what was the warning sound you had to yell before emptying your chamber pot?
    Gardy lou
  8. what crusade did pope urban say the christians would take back holy land from muslims. and eventually did because the seljuk turks had a civil war going on
    the first
  9. who took over what is now turkey and pushed byzantines back to Constantinople?
    Seljuk Turks
  10. Who believed his pet goose would lead them to the holy land?
    Peter the hermit
  11. what crusade was a complete failure which gave Saladin and the muslims the idea that they could take holy land back and indeed did?
    the second crusade
  12. who were the seljuk turks?
    Sunnis Muslims
  13. Which crusade was fought by a bunch of escaped serfs, criminals and poor people?
    The first crusade
  14. What crusade did Fred Barb drown?
    The third crusade
  15. which crusade didnt even make it to the holy land?
    The fourth crusade
  16. In which crusade did everyone get excommunicated by pope and then after taking over constantinople, Pope let them back in church?
    The fourth crusade
  17. Who wanted a sunlight lit cathedral with gothic style windows and stained glass?
    Suger of St. Denis
  18. What places were started by a guild of teachers?
  19. What applied rules of logic to catholicism and christian faith from aristotle?
  20. Who wrote the book about scholasticism and trinity?
    Peter Abelard
  21. Who did abelard get pregnant while teaching and tutoring?
  22. Who was devastated after he had to rip out pages of his book and burn them in front of the city?
    Peter Abelard
  23. Who was castrated and became a monk?
    Peter Abelard
  24. What was the previous church style that gothic style replaced?
  25. What was any language but latin?
    Vernancular culture
  26. Who wrote love poems relating to religion that were in the same class as knights?
  27. Who included into poems dedicating things to women that knights could never have?
  28. What was the grass roots movement to make clergy look bad and wanted christianity back to old pure way? (no material things and clergy)
    Reform movements
  29. What were lies called that the pope could condemn people for?
    Heresy or heresies
  30. What were the monks that were put on a remote area and that spent most of their time praying on their own? (conservatives)
  31. The founder of these people got a bad fever and saw visions once the fever broke he became religious?
    Franciscans - Francis of Assisi
  32. Who kissed Francis' foot and got their group through?
    Innocent III
  33. Who travelled around and went to places where heretics were and went against them? (later put them on trial)
  34. Who were the group of unmarried women that would care for sick people and the pope eventually forced them into being nuns?
  35. Who would recite bible verses in french and made pope mad because he thought it should only be in Latin?
    Waldensians (started by waldo in france)
  36. Who were "the pure ones" that had a crusade called against them. started in byzantine empire and moved to france. "believed world was created by devil and christ was the god. Believed human bodyh was evil?"
  37. Crusade where pope killed cathars and had to raid them castle to castle?
    Albigensian crusade
  38. Who were the special groups that elected the pope in the end of the middle ages?
  39. where did the popes move to in France where they lived about thirty years?
    Avignon papacy
  40. What split popes in Rome and Avignon?
    The Great Schism
  41. who was the italian pope that the cardinals elected to make crowd happy turns out the pope ends up being a little stronger than the cardinals thought?
    Pope Urban VI
  42. What pope did the cardinals pick after urban VI that ended up becoming the pope of avignon?
    Clements III
  43. what were the council meetings called?
    The Conciliar movement
  44. what lollard thought women should be allowed to be apart of the clergy and that wine should be shared with everyone?
    John Wyclef
  45. Who started the Hussites?
    Jan Hus
  46. What was it called when the third pope was elected? the new election was supposed to make it to where there was only one pope, instead it made three!?
    The Council of Pisa
  47. who becomes the only pope that lives in rome which was the only good thing that came out of the council of constance
    Martin V
  48. What two people were burned at the stake even after one of them were dead?
    Jan Huss and John Wyclef
  49. What war was between England and france. (England invades France so he can become king of both england and france)
    THE 100 YEARS WAR!!!
  50. What three weapons stopped the road for Midevil Knights?
    Cross Bows, Long bows, and Guns
  51. what weapons were used by the english that could shoot 4 - 5 arrows per minute?
    Long bow
  52. what weapons were used by the french that were very slow but powerful?
    Cross bows
  53. What was the bad part about the guns in the 100 years war?
    Could blow up in your face! risky for the people operating them
  54. Who heard voices that they thought were from god and led the french to many victories, but english captured her and put her to death?
    Joan of Arc
  55. Who won the 100 years war?
    The French
  56. What was the bacterial disease "plague" called?
    The black death
  57. What type of plague came through fleas?
  58. what type of plague came through the air?
  59. what type of plague was transmitted through the blood?
  60. What town was the plague spread by mongols or italians?
  61. What were the protests against upper class and government called?
    popular uprisings
  62. where was the 1st popular uprising?
    Paris (defeat of Jacquerie)
  63. Where was the biggest popular uprisng and who led it?
    England and (Wat Tyler and preacher John Ball)
  64. what did the council of constance do?
    Made only 1 pope
  65. What started popular uprisings?
    Wage freezes and new taxes
  66. Who died in the English popular uprising that influneced the uprising even more?
    wat tyler
  67. What happened after popular uprising in england?
    peasants got some limitations uplifted
  68. Who unified the Mongols?
    Temujin- Genghis Khan
  69. What was the golden horde of Russia Mongols etc...?
    A Mongol army that invaded most of asia and most of europe
  70. What ottoman turk wanted to take back constantinople and used huge cannons to take down the walls?
  71. What happened to the niece of the emperor when the ottoman turks invaded constantinople?
    she escaped to russia and married a russian czar
  72. Who sailed from China to Italy and made people think about faster routes to asia?
  73. When Mehmet took over constantinople that was the end to the _______ empire?
  74. What was the movement where there began to be education on the individual and their inner talents?
  75. Where were the first humanists from?
  76. Who wrote poems in vernancular language? in florence it was a big hit.. it was called the "Divine Comedy" (this guys idol was the old poet virgil)
    Dante Aligherie
  77. 1st part - Inferno (Hell)
    2nd part - puvagotorio (purgatory)
    3rd part - Paradiso (Heaven)
    Divine Comedy
  78. Who was the painter that added in more emotion?
  79. Who was the philosopher who believed that western civ had reached its all time lowest (latin was ruined) (wanted to go back to old classic latin)
  80. What does Renaissance mean?
  81. What let there be peace among the italian states and let the renaissance happen?
    Treaty of Lodi
  82. In what town did the renaissance begin?
  83. What family ran florence and supported the renaissance?
    The Medici Family
  84. What person controlled almost everything in florence?
    Cosmo Medici
  85. Where did people go to come up with ideas? (this was inspired by plato's academy)
    Florentine Academy
  86. wrote "Oration on the dignity of man" Supported Plato. Believed humans are the imperfect version of God.
    Pico Della Mirandolla
  87. Who ruled after Cosimo Medici and basically started first ever mob. (started a war thinking he can take over france)
    Lorenzo Medici
  88. Who said the war and the disease of syphilis was because God was mad about renaissance. (He made a bad comment about the pope and he becomes a heretic and is killed)
  89. Who liked the idea of a republic and was taken prisoner when medici family took over florence again? (the prince)
  90. who was the instructional ruler book written for, what was it called, and who wrote it?
    Juliano Medici, The Prince, Machievelli
  91. Who said it is better to be feared then loved?
  92. who started writing the names down of the artists?
    Giorgio Vasari
  93. Who was a master painter, sculpture, architecture and thought of himself most as a sculpture? Did Sistine Chapel
  94. What was the secularizing movement?
    The renaissance
  95. who made the florentine academy? (the think tank)
    Cosimo Medici
  96. who had bonfires for books and art?
  97. who performed tortures and assasinations and made italy family vs. family?
    Lorenzo medici
  98. Who said the end justifies the means?
  99. Who was the first ever real art historian?
    Georgio Vasari
  100. What was induvidualism?
    Induvidual credit
  101. What was humanism?
    Well educated people (liberal arts)
  102. What was artistic realism?
    Realistic art
  103. What was crucial for the spread of humanism?
    Gutenburg printing press
  104. What was the name of the country that charles the bold tried to make (got ahold of the netherlands and northern italy)?
  105. Maximilian (French) marries Mary (of Burgundy) Their son Phillip marries Ferdinand and isabella's daughter Joanna
    Phillip------Joanna = hapsburg(makes spain)
    Phillip and Joanna make habsburg spain
  106. Who was the war of the roses between?
    Landcaster and York
  107. Who died in the battle of bosworth?
    Richard III
  108. Henry the Tudor married Elizabeth which was the sister of ______?
    King Richard III
  109. what happened when Henry Tudor (Henry VII) married Elizabeth of York?
    He had control of everything!
  110. what happened when edward IV died?
    His two kids were jailed by richard III their regent (the kids died or were killed)
  111. what was the biggest battle of the War of the roses and who won?
    Tountin and York wins
  112. What town did Charles the bold start?
  113. What King of France teams up with the Swiss Confederation? "The Spider"
    Louis XI
  114. Who taught theology at wittenburg in Saxony?
    Martin Luther
  115. Who was the ruler of Saxony?
    Frederick the wise
  116. Who sold indulgences in Saxony as a traveling circus almost?
  117. Martin wrote a number of things the church should consider changing and posted it to the church and the printing press got ahold of this and made thousands. What were these called?
    The 95 Theses (1517)
  118. Who was the split from catholicism and christianity a direct challenge to?
    Charles V
  119. Luther was demanded to show up to a trial what was this place called?
    The Diet of Worms
  120. Who saved Martin Luther that allowed him to make the lutheran church?
    Frederick the Wise
  121. Who was the dutch scholar who said we have to go back to the original greek bible?
  122. what was the peace of augsburg?
    Lutherans right to exist
  123. What was the Schmalkaldic League?
    The protest of Luther
  124. what was the augsburg confession and what word came from it?
    Protestant - made all of the peasants sign it
  125. What was Charles V's biggest victory where he got cocky and people pulled out troops from his army?
    The Battle of Muhlberg
  126. Where was Ulrich Zwingli from?
  127. John Calvin was from _____, France.
  128. Predestination was coined by ______?
    John Calvin
  129. Those chosen to go to heaven that are also the ones who should run the town?
    The Elect
  130. who thought there was the same blood in both veins and arteries?
    Michael Servetus
  131. Who killed Michael Servetus because he didnt believe in the trinity?
    John Calvin
  132. Who spread calvanist to Scottland?
    John Knox
  133. Who was against the reformation, married to cathering of aragon, and had a daughter named mary?
    Henry VIIIth
  134. Thomas Cranmer and Thomas Crommwell were ________'s two main men?
    Henry VIIIth
  135. Who Bribed people to create the anglican church?
    Henry VIIIth
  136. Who didnt support Henry VIII and was killed by Henry VIII
    Thomas Moore
  137. Who wrote the English bible and was killed for it? Later on they ended up using his bible anyway
    William Tyndale
  138. Henry VIII's son?
    Edward VI
  139. What was the new constitution for the church of england by Thomas Cranmer blends all diffrent religions
    42 Articles
  140. Who were the people from Zurich that were being executed and wouldnt fight back and they didnt baptise babies?
  141. Who led the only Anabaptist that would fight back and where were they from?
    John of Leiden and Munster
  142. Who painted over privates?
  143. Who found mexico and conquered the aztecs?
  144. Who had the first circumnavigation of the world?
  145. Who coined the name "The Americas"?
  146. Who conquered Peru that was Cortez's cousin?
  147. What was the Dutch Calvinists vs. Spanish Catholics called?
    The Dutch Revolt
  148. Who was the first political leader assasinated with a gun?
    William the Silent
  149. What was the biggest sea battle called?
  150. Which queen said believe what you want but be quiet about it?
    Elizabeth I
  151. Phillip II Decided to invade England after ________ wouldnt marry him.
    Elizabeth I
  152. Who was a English soldier that killed tons of spanish and took their goods?
    Sir Francis Drake
  153. Who were the French Calvinists?
  154. What was the royal family in france that was catholic and couldnt produce a son?
  155. Who did the thrown go to after the valois' couldnt produce a son?
  156. Henry from Bourbons marries Marguerite from Valois what happens?
    Huguenots and Catholics dont get along (Saint Bartholemews Day Massacre)
  157. King Henry IV switches to what religion to keep the peace?
  158. What does Henry IV pass that allows huguenots to practice their religion and go to school but didnt allow them to work for gov't or join military
    Edict of Nantes
  159. Who puts politics before religion?
  160. What was the first real modern war that started from a rebellion trying to make towns catholic?
    The thirty years war
  161. Defenestration prague was where? and what did this start
    two men were thrown out of a window and fell over 70 feet and survived
  162. What ended the thirty years war?
    The peace of westphalia
  163. The Calvinists, Lutherans, and the Catholics were apart of the first____ _____ _____?
    Modern peace treaty
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