History 2

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  1. Ballarat's Eureka Stockade
  2. Advised by Rexford Tugwell
  3. fighting in McPherson's Woods.
  4. Fries rebellion during his presidency
    John Adams
  5. Married to Fastrada
  6. Act of Accord
    War of the Roses
  7. The Mazorkas (Ear of Corn)
    Argentina (Secret Police)
  8. Margravate of Azilia became
  9. This man's death triggered the Lamian War
    Alexander the Great
  10. Not Communist, did 5 year plans
    South Korea
  11. Edict of Restitution
    30 years war (Ferdinad II)
  12. Started Democracy Wall
  13. (Chinese) Invaded Veitnam shortly
  14. Aparently started when an Icon of the Virgin Mary fell off a stand
    The Fall of Constantinople
  15. vetoed of the McNary-Haugen Farm Relief Bill
  16. chief architect of the Treaty of Oliva
    Cardinal Mazzerin
  17. notably met with Don Luis Mendez de Haro on the Isle of Pheasants
    Cardinal Mazzerin
  18. Won the battle of Trebia
  19. It's Legislature was called the Gbara
    Mali Empire
  20. It's Territories were called "The 12 doors"
    Mali Empire
  21. Wrote "Diary of a Battalion"
    Francisco Franco
  22. Commanded foreign legion in 3rd rif war
    Fransisco Franco
  23. Made the Alhambra Decree
    Ferdinad II of Aragon
  24. Wrote"Report on Manufactures"
    Alaxander Hamilton
  25. was blackmailed for sleeping with Maria Lewis, the wife of James Reynolds.
    Alaxander Hamilton
  26. Made the 7 point plan for Tariffs
    Henry Clay
  27. Anoynomus letter warned about this
    Gunpowder plot
  28. Largest amphibias landing
  29. Modern war with poison gas
    Iran-Iraq war
  30. Siege of Kars
    Crimean War
  31. Louis Blanc and Pierre- Joseph Proudhon were among those to lead the opposition against this man
  32. He defected with his top general to Austria
    Louis Phillipe
  33. Had a "Proud" all female corps
    Dahomey (Benin)
  34. Did Virgin Lands
  35. Naxalite movement followed
  36. William Longchamp was a leader of
    Third Crusade
  37. 6 Arrows
  38. Inspired thr 12th amendmant
    Aaron Burr
  39. Fabricated heroic war injuries to cover up his treatment for neurosyphillis
  40. Called themselves "black-headed people."
  41. This country's forces won the 1920 Battle of Maysalun
  42. Territory promised to it by Mark Sykes
  43. lost one election because of the forged Zinoviev Letter
    Labour party
  44. One of this party's leader was John Smith
    Labour Party
  45. Trial of 7 bishops helped cause this
    Glorious Revolution
  46. Second declearation of Indulgences helped cause....
    Glorious Revolution
  47. This empire's "Tulip Era"
    Ottoman Empire
  48. “Auspicious Incident." Modernized it's army
    Ottoman Empire
  49. supported the Royal Academy
    George III
  50. Catholic Relief Act was passed by
    George III
  51. Christian social union operates in
  52. Anif decleration ended it's monarchy
  53. This politician defeated Jesse M. "Big Daddy"
    Ronald Reagan
  54. Aspida affair here
  55. "July events" here
  56. assassination attempt on its queen Amalia of Oldenburg
  57. led to Otto IV's loss at Bouvines to Philip Augustus
    Magna Carta
  58. Rebellion with Beavers
    Bacon's rebellion
  59. "Edict of St. Germain"
    French wars of religion
  60. endorsed the Ridley Plan
  61. Exiled Henry the Lion
    Frederick Barborosa
  62. persuaded Adalbert Falk to pass the May Laws
  63. his country started the first state health insurance program
    Bismark (Whilheilm I)
  64. Succeeded by Leo Caprivi
  65. first to address the U.N. General Assembly representing a nongovernmental organization
  66. received homage from Malcolm III
    Henry II
  67. Made royal courts more powerful than private ones
    Henry II
  68. Formed the Descamisados
  69. Red Army faction terrorists here
    West Germany
  70. rearmed under Defense Minister Francis Joseph Strauss
    West Germany
  71. Fought the Battle of Hubbardton
    Green Mountain Boys
  72. their base at the Catamount Tavern
    Green Mountain Boys
  73. Passed the Simpson-Mazzoli act
  74. This treaty was delayed by blizzards because of a volcano.
    Treaty of Paris
  75. vice president was Francisco Santander
  76. Signed treaty of Heiligen
  77. Won Battle of Pavia
  78. Agreed to set the border of Denmark
  79. It's 4th of August regime
  80. Charles d'Orléans taken prisoner here
  81. His nickname was Ice veins
    Ben Harrison
  82. This man settled a border sipute between Venezuela and Great Britain
    Ben Harrison
  83. fired Gifford Pinchot
  84. Fought France in the Pastry wars
  85. Did the Maunus Expedition
  86. Signed treaty of Tartu with Soviet Union
  87. General Auchlinchek was at this battle
    El Alimein
  88. Led by Richard Crocker
    Tammany Hall
  89. proposed an amendment to the constitution making every child born after July 4, 1842
    John Quincy Adams
  90. argued the Amistad case
    John Quincy Adams
  91. Kingdom of Punt here
  92. It mentions "Brutus"
    Federalist Papers
  93. Got Florida for the US
    John Quincy Adams
  94. married Isabella of France
    Edward II
  95. forced to sign concessions to the Ordainers
    Edward II
  96. Caused the May 4th movement
    Treaty of Versailles
  97. Left the Great northern war because of the traty of Stockholm
    Frederick William I
  98. Wellington Decleration in this war
    English Civil war
  99. Died because he swallowed Mercury Pills
    Qin Shi Huang
  100. Ruled by Jose de Francia "El Suprimo"
  101. Jacques Bossuet was his tudor
    Louis XIV
  102. "The Restorer, The Great, and The Just"
  103. This Dynasty had a Jiajing Emperor
  104. This Dynasty established a secret police called the Jinyi Wei.
    Ming Dynasty
  105. Fought a civil war with his brother Ariq Boke
    Kublai Khan
  106. Country lost the Battle of Maritsa
  107. Won electionn's because of U-turns and Winter of Discontent
    Margaret Thatcher
  108. was advised by Lord Clarendon
    Charles II
  109. Was tutored by Thomas Hobbes while in exile in Belgium
    Charles II
  110. fighting in McPherson's Woods
    Battle of Gettysburg
  111. This ruller captured Bessus
    Alaxander the Great
  112. Schuman Declaration led to
    European Union
  113. Battle of Inkerman in this war
  114. Preceded by the marriage of Lampade to Mununza
    Battle of Tours
  115. occurred near the meeting of the Clain and Vienne rivers
    Battle of Tours
  116. Apra Party here
  117. home to the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Army and the Shining Path
  118. "Operation Praying Mantis in this war"
    Iraq-Iran War
  119. Victor at Bloody Run
  120. Country, faced a coup by Walter von Luttwitz and Wolfgang Kapp
    Weimar Republic
  121. Served as head of both the Food Administration Board and the Commission for Relief
  122. The Copper Riots occurred here in 1662
  123. Was signed because of the Peace of Vervins
    Edict of Nantes
  124. This Dynasty ended the 18 kingdoms period
  125. This Dynasty was founded when Xiang yu was defeated
  126. Authorized Operation Urgent Fury
  127. This man's government was created by John Lambert's Instrument of Government
  128. almost dismissed by the queen mother on the Day of the Dupes
    Cardinal Richeliu
  129. convinced Robert Peel and George IV that Catholic emancipation was needed
    Duke of Welington
  130. established an order of nuns called the Conceptionists
    Isabella I
  131. One phase of this period was the Seikanron
    Meiji Restoration
  132. Saga and Satsuma rebellions during
    Meiji Restoration
  133. "Death Ride" in this war
    Franco-Prussian War
  134. Battle of Mars-la-Tour in this war
    Franco Prussian War
  135. Battle of Gravelotte in this war
    Franco-Prussian war
  136. Was given an award at the persian court
  137. The Casket letter, this ween
    Mary, Queen of Scots
  138. Said that the New Deal wasn't liberal enough
  139. His Grandson was Nixon's runningmate
  140. "Ocean of Wisdom"
    Dahli Lahma
  141. Teewanaku here
  142. Leader of the Islamic Society of Engineers
    Amudinijad (The Iranian guy)
  143. Had Arthur of Brittany murdered
    King John
  144. Recocnize the legiticemy of the first 4 caliphs
  145. The first of these was preceded by the Napier Affair
    Opium Wars
  146. caused by the Kamu incident
    6 day wars
  147. Saved a Roman army and was given a grass crown
  148. Was made Ambasador to Germny by Celveland
  149. His regent was Phillip D'Orleans
    Lous XV
  150. it WAS called the Battle of Redemore
    Battle of Bosworth Field
  151. Forced Protestants to move to Transylvania
    Maria Theresa
  152. founded an academy for oriental languages
    Maria Theresa
  153. led to the renouncement of the Doctrine of Lapse
    Sepoy Revolt
  154. detonation of the Hawthorn Ridge Mine in this battle
    1st battle of the Somme
  155. attempts to capture High Wood at this battle
    1st battle of the Somme
  156. saw fighting at Bazentin Ridge
    1st battle of the Somme
  157. attempt to drive German forces out of Thiepval
    1st battle of the Somme
  158. Lochner vs New York used this amendmant
    14th amemdmant
  159. "Fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine this amendmant
    4th Amendmant
  160. . Nardone v. U.S. used this amendmant
    4th amendmant
  161. He was the govenor of the order of Christ
    Prince Henry the Navigator
  162. This grandson of John of Gaunt
    Prince Henry the Navigator
  163. Began the Aviz dynasty
    Prince Henry the Navigator
  164. This author of Philosophy of the Revolution
  165. The original people of this country fought the Black War
  166. it was ruled by Jose de Francia
  167. "Book of Kings" about him
    Leif Erickson
  168. known as "The lucky" or "the fortunate"
    Leif Erickson
  169. Lost the Christmas offensive
  170. Dagobert I ruled them
    the Franks
  171. groups of this people included the Ripuarians and Chatti
  172. Battle of Tolbiac was fought by these people
  173. Wrote "constitutional government"
    Woodrow Wilson
  174. Passed Keating-Owen act to curb child labor
    Woodrow Wilson
  175. 1889 Constitution was instituted following this event
    Meiji restoration
  176. 1889 constitution in this country
  177. Charter Oath was part of this
    Meiji Resotration
  178. "Enrich the country and strengthen the military."
    Meiji Restoration
  179. He was born a prince of Greece and Denmark
    Prince Phillip
  180. signed a treaty at Park Hill
    Cherokee (With confederates)
  181. Led by William Howard Thomas
  182. Declared indipendence from Great Britain in 1965
  183. the skin of Hugh Cressingham was used to make a belt for this man's sword
    William Wallace
  184. An epic about him was written by Blind Harry
    WIlliam Wallace
  185. Dealt with the citizen Genet scandal
    George Washington
  186. Blue shirt society part of
    KMT, nationalist party
  187. Hyde amendmant part of
    Roe V Wade
  188. Harris v. McRae dealt with this case
    Roe V Wade
  189. this monarch appointed John Whitgift
    Elizabeth I
  190. Sakuradamon incident almost killed him
  191. Was a marine biologist, discovered several hydrozoa
  192. This battle prevented the taking of fort souville
  193. challenged by the Treaty of Berwick
    Mary Queen of Scots
  194. ARPA party
  195. Signed Hellsink accords
  196. was threatened with war by the Austrian ambassador
    Millard Fillmore
  197. sent a ship to Istanbul to help Hungarian refugees
    Millard Fillmore
  198. Ran with the nephew of Andrew Jackson
    Millard Fillmore
  199. his nephew ran with Millard Fillmore
    Andrew Jackson
  200. signed the Treaty of Kanagawa
    Millard Fillmore
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