Mid-Wars Test

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  1. autocracy
    all power
  2. nicholas romanov ll
    • -czar of russia
    • -autocratic (all power) dictator
  3. rasputin
    • -mystic
    • -kept around palace bcs. he kept heir to throne alive
    • -controlled Alexandria and took charge of gov. when czar went to front
  4. vladimir ilich lenin
    • -stricit marxist communist, followed communist manifesto like a play book
    • -wanted the soviet union to lead the rest of the world in a workers revolution were there is not rich or poor but instead a perfect society
    • -pulled russia out of wwl, took farms and factories and gave to peasentry
  5. leon trotsky
    • -him and lenin led reds to victory over bolsheviks
    • -wasnt politically talented so stalin took control after lenin died
    • -eventually exiled by stalin
  6. joseph stalin
    • -wanted to build up to soviet union to be so powerful everyone would want to be like them
    • -totalitarian dictator
    • -controlled religion, created collective farms, controlled media, arts, education
    • -ruled through terror and exiled 10's of millions to siberia
  7. bolsheviks
    • -REDS
    • -communists
  8. mensheviks
    • -WHITES
    • -conservatives
    • -czarists
    • -western nations
  9. provisional government
    • -led by the DUMA led by Kerensky
    • -started as democratic republic but turned into dictatorship under kerensky
    • -failed bcs. kerensky didnt give enough power to duma, didnt close gap between rich & poor, and left russia in wwl
  10. alexander kerensky
    led DUMA and provisional government
  11. soviets
    labor unions/political parties
  12. russian civil war
    • -between reds (bolsheviks) and whites (mensheviks)
    • -western nations afraid if bolshevik revolution suceeded there would be revolutions throughout the west
    • -trotsky led reds to victory but russia destroyed
  13. october revolution/red october/proletariate revolution
    lenin led a workers revolution is russia taking down the provisional gov. and installing a bolshevik (communist) gov.
  14. Dawes Plan
    u.s. banks loaned $ to euro. countries to stabilize economies and pay off debts
  15. describe stalins goals for russia and the methods he used to rule over the russians
    • -wanted to build up to soviet union to be so powerful everyone would want to be like them
    • -controlled religion
    • -created collective farms
    • -controlled media, arts, and education
  16. sequence and explain events in the russian revolution
    • -trotsky led 1905 revolution w/ soviets and got the czar to create duma
    • -feb 1917 czar nicholas and family were captured and new gov. took over
    • -lenin led revolution & overthrew provisional gov. (the bolshevik communist rev. in "red" october)
    • -lenin had to fight civil war for full power, reds vs whites, trotsky led reds to victory
  17. how did hitler take power and the steps he took
    • -became leader of nazi party
    • -wrote main kampf in prison
    • -rebuilt nazis to most powerful political party
    • -politicians were scared of communists & gave power to nazis
    • -gave hitler title chancellor
    • -got germ. pres to call reichsteg re election
    • -blames communists for burning of reichstag and nazis take power
    • -vote to give him power of dictator
  18. fascism
    one party has all power, no indiv. liberties, extreme loyalty to gov. & leader is required
  19. benito mussolinitoo
    • -italian fascist dictator
    • -led group called blackshirts
    • -rebuilt economy/military
    • -got trains running on time
    • -denounced communism=support from rich
    • -abolished democ. & political parties
    • -took control of indust.
    • -controlled media
    • -took over colonies for italy (started with ethiopia)
  20. mein kampf
    • (my struggle)
    • -book hitler wrote in prison
    • -combination of social darwinism (german ppl were master race, others were subhuman) and neitzche (uberman)
    • -wanted to conquer easter euro. and russia to make space for master race
  21. gestapo
    -hitlers secret police
  22. SS
    • -schutzstaffer
    • -loyal only to hitler
  23. post wwl events that led to wwll
    • -japan need to new lands for raw materials so they invaded manchuria
    • -italy invaded ethiopia
    • -hitler began rebuilding german military and moved army to rhineland and signed treaties of support with italy and japan forming axis power
    • -hitler annexed austria, seen as hero there
    • -czechs ask france and gb for help in defending sudetenland, give to hitler in exchange for word he'd leave czechoslovakia alone, took it 6 months later
    • -stalin signs pact with germany
    • -hitler attacks poland and soviet union attacks from east, gb and france declare war on germany
  24. Rome: legal code, executive, judicial, and legislative
    • -12 tables
    • -2 consuls
    • -praetors
    • -senate=patricians
    • tribal assembly=plebians
    • centuriate assembly=citizen soldier
  25. us:legal code, executive, judicial, legislative
    • -constitution
    • -president
    • -supreme court
    • -senate=2/state
    • house of rep.=based on pop.
  26. locke
    natural rights of life, liberty, property, and gov. expected to protect these or be overthrown
  27. voltaire
    indiv. freedoms
  28. beccaria
    -rights of the accused
  29. montesquieu
    seperation of powers and checks and balances
  30. hobbes
    powerful central gov. to keep ppl in check
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