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  1. Ritual and Theater
    both deal with social relationships through enactment with living people
  2. Theater and Ritual
    • Theater confines itself to showing and saying things about social needs
    • ritaul reinforces or brings about change
  3. theater of dionysus
    • most celebrated theater of athens
    • in honor of fertility god
    • open air structure on the slope of a hill below acropolis
  4. orchestra
    dancing circle
  5. skene
    scene building
  6. parodoi
    passageways used by actors, the chorus and the audience to enter the theater
  7. Aeschylus
    • Prometheus Bound
    • Aragmemenon
    • The Eumenides
  8. Greek playwrights
    • Sophocles
    • Euripides
    • Aristophanes
    • Aeschylus
  9. Medieval Theater
    • originally performed by preists to teach chrisitain doctrine
    • eventually moved out of churches and into marketplaces
    • open air festival theater
    • dealt with biblical events
  10. Fixed Staging
    found in the permanent greek and roman theaters and in the christian churches with their aisles, naves, and raised alters
  11. Movable stages
    • pagent wagon, portable, or processional stages were used
    • portable play area
  12. Elizabethan Theater
    • late sixteenth century
    • permanent structures were built
  13. "The Theater"
    • London's first theater
    • built by James Burbage
    • open air structure
  14. Richard Burbage
    • built the globe theater
    • showcase for shakespeares talents as actor and playwright
    • most famous of all london theaters
  15. William Shakespeare
    • Elizabethan playwright
    • Macbeth, King Lear, The Tempest, Macbeth, and Othello
  16. Proscenium Stages
    italain renaissance to early 17th century
  17. Chinese Theater
    • Classical Theater
    • The "New" Drama
    • the Opera (Jingxi)
  18. Zaju
    classical drama of china with stories drawn from history, legend, epics, and contemporary events that advocated the virutes of loyalty to family and friends and devotion to work and duty
  19. Kunqu
    The "new" Drama
  20. The Opera or "Jingxi"
    • theatrical with an emphasis on the controlled conventions of acting, dancing, and singing rather than upon text
    • Beijing Opera
    • heart of the opera was the stage
  21. Japanese Theater
    • Noh Theater
    • Kabuki Theater
    • Bunraku Puppet Theater
  22. Noh theater
    • Noh- Skill
    • highly stylized, restrained, and austere form of artisitic expression that depends heavily on music and mime
  23. Noh Stage
    • situated in corner of a building
    • divided into two areas: stage proper (butai) and the bridge (hashigakari)
  24. Noh Actors
    • carefully controlled by tradition
    • shite- prinicipal character
    • waki-sideman
  25. Kabuki Theater
    • rock entertainment of the 17th cenrury
    • combination of the old and new
  26. Kabuki stage
    covers the entire front of the theater and is approached by a ramp, called a hanamichi, or "flower way"
  27. Kabuki Actors
    • trained from childhood in singing, dancing, and actings
    • divided into basic types such as brave, loyal, villians, comics, children, and women
  28. Bunkaru Puppet Theater
    • Japanese Doll Puppet Thetaer
    • performed on a small procenium stage without a hamarichi or revolving
  29. Bunkaru Characters
    chief puppeteer
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