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    • (Cardizem)/Calcium Channel Blocker
    • Des: slow calcium channel blocker similar to verapamil. dilates coronary & peripheral arteries & arterioles, thus increasing circulation to the heart & reducing peripheral vascular resistance
    • Ind: supraventricular tachydysrhythmias (atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, & PSVT refractory to adenosine) & to increase coronary artery perfusion in angina.
    • CI: 1) hypersensitivity 2)sick sinus syndrome 3)2nd or 3rd degree HB 4)systolic BP < 90, diastolic BP < 60 5)wide-complex tachycardia 6)WPW
    • PC: CHF (especially with beta blockers)
    • Dose: 0.25mg/kg IV over 2 min, may repeat as needed with 0.35 mg/kg followed by a drip of 5-10mg/hr not to exceed 15mg/hr over 24 hrs
    • (nitroglycerin injection) Vasodilator/Nitrate
    • Des: relaxes blood vessels, increasing blood & O2 supply to the heart
    • Ind: help relieve the pain associated with angina that does not respond to oral (by mouth) treatment; to control blood pressure; & help treat CHF
    • CI: hypotension, uncorrected hypovolemia, increased intracranial pressure, constrictive pericarditis & pericardial tamponade
    • PC: headache, severe hypotension, reflex tachycardia
    • Dose: 0.2-1.5mcg/kg/minute
    • (Isoptin, Calan)/Calcium Channel Blocker
    • Des: calcium channel blocker that slows AV conduction, suppresses reentry dysrhythmias such as PSVT, & slows ventricular responses to atrial tachydysrhythmias. also dilates coronary arteries & reduces myocardial O2 demand
    • Ind: PSVT refractory to adenosine, atrial flutter, & atrial fibrillation w/ rapid ventricular response
    • CI: severe hypotension, cardiogenic shock, 2nd or 3rd degree heart block, CHF, sinus node disease, & accessory AV pathways, WPW syndrome. It should not be administered to persons taking beta blockers
    • PC: none
    • Dose: 2.5-5mg IV bolus over 2-3 min, then 5-10mg after 15-30 min to a max of 30mg in 30 min
    • ( Lopressor) / Beta Blocker
    • Des: beta-adrenergic blocking agent that reduces heart rate, cardiac output, and BP
    • Ind: AMI
    • CI: cardiogenic shock, sinus bradycardia <45, 2nd & 3rd degree HB, PR interval >0.24, asthma or COPD
    • PC: hypersensitivity, hepatic or renal impairment, cardiomegaly, CHF controlled by digitalis & diuretics, AV conduction defects, thyrotoxicosis, diabetics, or peripheral vascular disease
    • Dose: 5mg slow IVP q 5min up to 3 doses while watching HR & BP.
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