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  1. Accidents are_______________.
  2. Developing a safe attitude begins by learning to ________ __________
    think ahead
  3. By practicing safe work habits now, you will soon learn to work quickly ____ _____ ___.
    without being careless
  4. Developing a safe attitude is a good way to show ____ for yourself and the people you work with.
  5. Always use ____ protection when you are in the shop.
  6. If a solvent or other chemials ever gets intgo your eyes, flush them ___ with water.
  7. _____ ______ can get caught in machinery or in a an engine.
    loose clothing
  8. Work clothes are made for working and will stand up better to ____ ____ ____ than stree clothes.
    wear and tear
  9. _____ ____ are not stylist, but they are sturdy and provide proper support for your feet.
    work shoes
  10. Sandals or canvas shoes offer no protection for ____ ____ _____ objects.
    falling or hot
  11. Remove all _____ before starting work.
  12. If you have _____ _____ , wear a cap, headband, or hairnet to keep your hair out of the way.
    long hair
  13. Always use your ___ instead of your back to lift heavy objects.
  14. If something you are lifting or carrying ______ _____ ____, get out of the way and let it fall.
    starts to slip
  15. A ______, ______ work area is a safe work area.
    clean, organized
  16. Wipe up all spills immediately to avoid _____ _____ ____ hazards.
    slips and fire
  17. Carrying sharp or pointed tools wih their points _____ _____ ______.
    toward the floor
  18. Give tools to others ______ first.
  19. Never put sharp tools in your _______ .
  20. Report _______ ______ or ______ tools to your instructor.
    worn, dull, damaged
  21. Don't lay tools where they might ______ to the floor or onto someone working below.
  22. Store jacks with the handle ________ _______ to avoid tripping over it.
    straight up
  23. Store _____ up against the wall.
  24. Do not use ________ _______ or lights while standing on a wet floor.
    electrical tools
  25. Be sure electrical tools are properly ________.
  26. Use chisels only on mentals _______ than the cutting edge of the chisel.
  27. Do not use punches or chisels with ________ heads.
  28. Always use the proper type of hammer for the job. A large variety of types and _______ _________ are available.
    head hardnesses
  29. Be sure the hammer head is _________ on the handle.
  30. Using too large or too small a screwdriver could cause it to _______.
  31. Don't use a screwdriver as a ______ ________.
    pry bar
  32. Don't use a ______ in place of a chisel or a punch.
  33. Don't operate power equipment while standing in _______.
  34. Don't put a 3-wire plug into a 2-wire outlet, by using an _______ or breaking off the groud prong.
  35. If using a saw, make sure that the blade is aways from the ________.
    power cord
  36. Always disconnect electrical power cords by pulling on the _____.
  37. Always select an extesion cord with a large enough _____ ______ for the equipment used.
    current rating
  38. _______ wrenches are more likely to slip under pressure than other types fo wrenches.
  39. Don't use equipment with damged _____.
  40. ______ wrenches are least likely to slip off a nut or bolt.
  41. Be sure the wrench is ______ on the fastener completely.
  42. When you use a wrench, it is safer to ____ than to ____.
    pull, push
  43. If you must push on a wrench, do it with an _______ _______.
    open hand
  44. Use pilers only for their _______ _______ .
    intended purpose
  45. Never use pilers in place of a ______ or _______.
    wrench, socket
  46. Be sure to use ________ ________ when you work with electricity.
    insulated pliers
  47. Be careful not to get your finger caught in _______ pliers.
  48. Never use a file without a _________.
  49. Never use a file as a ______ tool.
  50. Always hold the item being filed in a _____ or other holding device.
  51. Never use your ______ to brush away chips or fillings.
  52. Both the blade and the material being cut by a hacksaw can get very ______.
  53. Don't use any equipment until you have been shown how to use it _______ and _______.
    correctly, safely
  54. Always get _______ from the instructor before using equipment.
  55. Always stay out of the ______ _______ when someone is using a machine.
    safety zone
  56. Never leave a machine until it has come to a _____ _____.
    complete stop
  57. If anything seems to be wrong with a mahine, _____ ______ ______ and tell the instructor immediately.
    shut it off
  58. Always wear _______ _______ when using compressed air to clean parts.
    eye protection
  59. Never direct the ______ and ____ toward yourself or others.
    air and dirt
  60. Know where the _____ ______ are and how to use them.
    fire extinguishers
  61. Put all used rags in _______ _______ ______.
    metal safety containers
  62. Never use ______ as a cleaning solvent
  63. Never spray paint without proper _______.
  64. Place all finishing supplies in a _______ cabinet .
  65. Have a good safety ________ and always ______ about what you are doing at alll times.
    attitude, think
  66. Do not stand inside________ ________, or talk to the operatior of a machime, while in use.
    safety zone
  67. Always wear _____ ______ while operating machinery.
    safety glasses
  68. Know where all _____ ______ _____ are in case a classmate is in trouble.
    red panic buttons
  69. Whenever in doubt____.
  70. If a machine appears to have a problem for any reason, tell the instuctor _______.
  71. If an accident happpens report it to _______ ______ right away.
    your instuurctor
  72. Minor injuries can probably be treated in the shop or the _______ _______ .
    nurses office
  73. The more you know about ________ __________, the better equipped you will be to help and accident victims.
    first aid
  74. Think __________ all the time.
  75. Don't lay cords where they will get _____ ______ by wheels.
    run over
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