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  1. Pt just dx with Hep A on assessment what would you expect to find?
    Anorexia, Nausea and vomitting.
  2. Pt should avoid taking a drug from which catagory while taking Rinitedine(Zantac)?
  3. Alterations in hepatic blood flow resulting from drug interactions can effect what?
    Matabolism and excretion.
  4. True or False?
    Men and women are equally prone to develope cirrhosis?
  5. Pt has acute pancreatitis, and was just transfered to your facility, you are doing a transfer assessment, its noted that pt drinks regularly, you would expect to note?
    Recent weight loss, and temperature elevation.
  6. Diagnostic indicator for pancreatitis?
    Elevated lipase
  7. Pt is elevaluted for severe pain in RUQ, sccompanied by N&V, MD says this is acute Cholylithiasis and Cholycystitis, which NX dx takes top priority?
  8. Pt has pacreatitis and the MD prescribed Demerol instead of Morephine because?
    Morephine may cause spasm of sphincter of Oddi
  9. Pt has abdominal cramps with N&V which test result is most significant?
    Potassium of 3
  10. Which NX action is most appropriate for pt hospitalized with acute pancreatitis?
    Withhold all oral intake as ordered to decrease pancreas secretions
  11. When a pt recovers from pancreatitis what would their diet be?
    High carb, low fat diet.
  12. Positioning for pt with pancreatitis?
    Lying on side with knees flexed. (Fetal position)
  13. Pt with advanced cirrhosis, prothrombin time of 15 seconds, compared to control time of 11 seconds, what would you prepare to administer?
    Mephyton (Vitamin K) Phytonadione
  14. Counts as 3 questions: WRITE IN
    Mr. Johnson...What would be the emergency treatment for bleeding esophogeal varices?
    • 18. Stop blood loss
    • 19. Maintain plasma volume
    • 20. Antibiotics
  15. FIB
    _________ the alteration in absorption of nutrients in the gut.
    Malabsorption Syndrome
  16. SATA
    The following are true about primary liver cancer, except?
    • Systemic chemotherapy is generally effective in treating liver cancer
    • Most liver cancers are dx early
  17. SATA
    Mr Smith has acute pancreatitis, which of the following are expected laboratory results?
    • Increased WBCs
    • Elevated amylase and lipase
  18. SATA
    NX hx and pt from ER with possible cholycystitis, all of the following S/S are true?
    • Pain in URQ after fatty meal
    • Pain may have Murphy's sign
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