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  1. What are the s/s of a pt who has just been diagnosed w/ Hepatitis A?
    Anorexia, Nausea and Vomiting
  2. Pt is taking Ranitidine and should avoid taking what type of other drugs?
  3. Alteration and hepatic blood flow resulting from a drug interaction can affect:
    metabolism and excretion
  4. Men and women are equally prone to develop cirrhosis?
  5. Pt has acute pancreatitis and has been transfer to your facility the Nx should look for stu----
    recent weight loss and temperature elevation
  6. Diagnostic indicator for pancreatitis?
    Elevated Lipase
  7. The client has pain the in the upper abdominal quadrant also nausea and vomiting the MD says its Cholylithiasis which nursing intervention takes priority?
  8. Odi spinter -----
    Morphine may cause spasm
  9. Pt is experiencing nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and distention, the pt has been admitted to the hospital. Which lab result is most significant for this pt?
    Potassium is 3
  10. Which nursing action is most appropriate for a pt hospitalized w/ acute pancreatitis?
    withhold all oral intake (NPO)
  11. whe--
    high carb low fat diet
  12. Pt w/ pancreatitis the Nx should know how to position him which is?
    on the side w/ knees flexed
  13. Pt has advanced Cirrhosis they have a 50 seconds compared to an of 11 seconds
    Naphytin (-----
  14. (Write-in) Mr. jonsen was brought to the ER bleeding esophageal varices what will be the emergency treatment?
    • Stopping blood loss
    • Maintaining plasma volume
    • Antibiotic
  15. (Fill-in) _______ alteration in the ability of the intestine to absorb nutrients adequately into the bloodstreams
    Malabsorption syndrome
  16. (SATA) The following are true statements about primary liver cancer except?
    • Most liver cancer are diagnosed early
    • Systemic chemotherapy is generally effective treating liver cancer
  17. (SATA) Mr. smith has been diagnosed w/acute pancreatitis which of the following are diagnostic test?
    • Increased WBCs
    • Elevated lipase and amylase
  18. (SATA) Nx history pt from ER w/
    • Pain in upper right quadrant URQ
    • Pian may have Murphy's sign
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