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  1. attacked any boat of any country for any reason without the permission from their country
  2. attacked a boat from a specific country with permission from its country and represented the country
  3. illegal business
  4. a product that replaced sugar cane as the main product that is a root
  5. colonies can only trade with Spain and not among themselves
  6. agency where all exports and imports needed to go through and paid taxes
    Casa de Contratación
  7. the belief that a country is wealthy according to its material assets (money)
  8. merchant boats that come and go from Spain
  9. warship that protected the flotas
  10. money that was paid for imports and exports to the government
  11. people from Spain that came to work in PR and other colonies
  12. descendents of Spaniards that were born in America
  13. functionaries sent by the king of Spain, Carlos III, to inform the crown about the situation in the colonies
  14. changes made to gov.
  15. a document used to the establishment of dedicated farms to the commercial agriculture
    Real Cédula of 1778
  16. black people who were in the military which were mostly ex-slaves
    companía de morenos
  17. when manufacturing bloomed
    Industrial Revolution
  18. board created in Spain to support Fernando VII and re-establish him to the throne
    Supreme Board
  19. revolution in Haiti where slaves got there independence
    Haitian Revolution
  20. farmers who worked with cattle farms
  21. created laws in Spain and was in control of the trade
    Spanish Court-
  22. Patriotismo Criollo-
    the love for a creole’s land
  23. Grito de Lares-
    an independence movement in Lares that did not last long with no success
  24. Grito de Yara-
    a war that started for independence in Cuba that lasted 10 years that set an example for the Grito de Lares
  25. Componte-
    persecution, arrest, and torture against the liberals in 1887, also known as Año Terible
  26. Liberales-
    people that wanted freedom and independence of island from Spain
  27. Republicans-
    people that wanted a republic government
  28. autonomistas-
    a group liberals that wanted more power but with the support of Spain
  29. asimilistas-
    a group of liberals that wanted PR to become a part of SPain as a province or state
  30. Carta Autonómica-
    document that brought reforms to the island
  31. Guerra de 10 años-
    war that lasted 10 years (1868-1878) between Cuba and Spain for independence
  32. Guerra Chiquita-
    another independence war that motivated people to keep on fighting that lasted less than one year (1879-1880)
  33. Grito de Baires-
    war in which Cuba proclaimed their independence (Feb. 23 1895)
  34. mambices-
    Cuban separatist (rebels)
  35. Maine-
    US ship that exploded in the port of Cuba that started the Hispanic American War between Spain and US
  36. indemnisación-
    repair economically the damage done to a institution or someone, Ex. Treaty of Paris
  37. Foraker Law-
    law passed that changed PR from military gov. to a Civil Gov., set PR as territory of US
  38. monopoly-
    a compony or group having exclusive control over a service or product
  39. Jones Law-
    law that gave us american citizenship, more senators and representatives, and when the executive council was eliminated
  40. Treaty of Paris-
    when PR, Hawaii, Guam and Philipines was traded from Spain to USA for 20 million $$ after Hispanic American War
  41. Statehood-
    condition in which you turn a territory into federal state
  42. cabotaje-
    commercial navigation
  43. parliament-
    assembly in charge of making laws
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