Western Civ vocab words chapter 30

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  1. weimar republic
    democratic form of government that was in germany after ww1.
  2. Rhineland
    demilitarized german area between France and Germany.
  3. Franco
    general that led the Falangist rebels
  4. International Brigade
    antifascist volunteers that helped the spanish republic
  5. Axis Powers
    an alliance created an alliance called the Rome-Berlin axis
  6. Sudetenland
    a region around the western rim of Czechoslovakia
  7. Chamberlain
    Bristish Prime minister that accepted Hiter's demand that the Sudetenland be joined with Germany.
  8. Daladier
    French premier that accepted Hiter's demand that the Sudetenland be joined with Germany
  9. Anschluss
    Austria joins with Germany
  10. appeasement
    trying to keep peace by accepting some demands
  11. German-Soviet non-agression pact
    agreement publicly stated that germany and soviet union would never attack each other
  12. Danzig
    modern day G'dansk
  13. polish corridor
    strip of land thats the source of conflict between Poland and Germany.
  14. blitzkreg
    "lightning war"
  15. Siegfried line
    system of fortifications they had built in Rhineland
  16. phony war
    Britan and france declare war on germany but Hitler chooses not to go any farther
  17. magiont line
    France's fortifications between Germany and Luxemburg
  18. Winston Churchill
    replaced chamberlain against the policy of appeasement
  19. Miracle at Dunkirk
    338,000 men safely transported across the channel to England
  20. Vichy
    petains government moved here
  21. deGualle
    led the Free French government
  22. Luftwaffe
    Hitler's air force
  23. RAF
    royal air force - British
  24. Battle of Britian
    German Air Force attacks in great numbers but the RAF defends Britain
  25. Lend-Lease Act
    authorizing the president to supply war materials to Great Britain
  26. Rommel
    general, moved german troops across mediterranean to take control of Libya
  27. El Alamein
    Rommel's forces were soundly beaten
  28. Tojo
    Premier- a more militaristic power came together
  29. New Order
    the invasion on the soviet union wasn't part of Hiter's plan
  30. Aryans
    the "pure" race
  31. Final Solution
    death of all of Europes Jews
  32. Holocaust
    the Nazi genocide of the 1930-1940
  33. genocide
    extermination of an entire group of people
  34. Auschwitz
    huge death camp, people systematically killed
  35. "showers"
    gas chambers
  36. Wallenberg/Schindler
    saved countless Jews by declaring them protected by the swedish embassy
  37. Battle of Midway
    americans defeated the japanese
  38. island hopping
    skipping over islands and leaving them with out supplies
  39. Operation Overload
    invasion of NW france
  40. General Douglas MacArthur
    top allied commander in the Pacific
  41. Bataan Death March
    1942- japanese soldiers forced some 78,000 POWs to march 55+ miles to Batan Penisnsula, killing 600+ americans and 10,000 philipeans
  42. Kamidaze
    piolots- find a good target and dive into it
  43. Nuremburg Trials
    the court charged 22 nazi leaders with crimes against peace and humanity.
  44. Panzar Divisions
    armored division in germany (?)
  45. Germanization
    spread of german language and culture (?)
  46. Schultzsteffel
    special police force in Nazi Germany founded as a personal bodyguard for Adolf Hitler in 1925 (military branch of the Nazi Party)
  47. Himmler
    the head of schulzsteffel
  48. Italy and the Balkans
  49. Enola Gay
    bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb
  50. USS missouri
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