Greek/Roman Mytho

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  1. Aphrodite
    • Goddess of love
    • marriage, lust, venal love, essence of feminine beauty
    • Daughter of Zeus
    • Roman-Venus
  2. Apollo
    • sun-god, god of light, cultivated/protected crops, divination and prophecy, music, archer
    • Son of Zeus and Leto
    • Roman-Apollo
  3. Ares
    • god of war, blind, brutal courage, bloody rage/carnage
    • Son of Zeus and Hera
    • Roman-Mars
  4. Artemis
    • agriculture, chase, forest, moonlight, archer
    • Apollo's twin sister
    • Daughter of Zeus and Leto
    • Roman-Diana
  5. Athena
    • warrior goddess, arts of peace, prudent intelligence
    • born fully armed, from skull of Zeus
    • Roman-Minerva
  6. Charybdis
    • whirlpool that swallowed ships
    • dwelt in Sicillian sea with Sirens
    • Daughter of Poseidon and earth
  7. Scylla
    • once a beautiful woman->monster with 6 ugly heads
    • dwelt in Sicilian sea with Sirens
  8. Cronus
    • Son of titans, married his sister Rhea
    • 3 daughters (Hestia, Demeter, Hera)
    • 3 sons (Poseidon, Hades, Zeus)
    • Roman-Saturn
  9. Demeter
    • goddess of earth and underworld, motherhood/fertile, cultivated soil, earth mother
    • Daughter of Cronus and Rhea
    • Roman-Ceres
  10. Dionysus
    • god of wine and pleasure
    • Son of Zeus
    • Roman-Bacchus
  11. Eros
    • youngest god, winged child, gracious and rebellious, armed with bow/arrows->fall in love
    • Son of Aphrodite
    • Roman-Cupid
  12. Hades
    • god of underworld, invisible, buried treasure, agricultural wealth.
    • Son of Cronus/Rhea, brother Zeus
    • Roman-Pluto
  13. Helen
    woman whose beauty launched 1k ships and began the Trojan war, wife to Menelaus, carried off by love struck Paris
  14. Hera
    • Zeus's wife, feminine existence, marriage, maternity, idealized wife
    • Roman-Juno
  15. Heracles
    • not a god but a hero, physical strength, founder of Olympic Games, 12 superhuman labors
    • Son of Zeus and mortal woman
    • Roman-Hercules
  16. Hermes
    • god of travelers, conducts souls of dead to underworld, commerce and profit, tireless runner, messenger of Zeus
    • Son of Zeus and Maia
    • Roman-Mercury
  17. The Muses
    • Apollo's habitual companions, goddesses of memory, poetic inspiration
    • Clio-history, Euterpe-flute, Thalia-comedy, Melpomene-tragedy, Terpsichore-lyric poetry and dance, Erato-love poetry, Polyhymnia-mimic art, Urania-astronomy, Calliope-epic poetry and eloquence
  18. Oedipus
    • son of King of Thebes, killed his father and married his mom->blindness
    • answered riddle of the Sphinx
  19. Orion
    • beautiful giant, hunter, has a dog (Sirius), lives in the sky, constellation
    • son of mother eye
  20. Orpheus
    Son of Apollo, played lyre, voyage of Argonauts to find the Golden Fleece
  21. Pan
    • Son of Hermes, not a satyr but half-goat
    • shepherd god of woods and pastures, protector of shepherds and flocks
  22. Pandora
    first woman, unleashed terrible afflictions that spread over the earthc
  23. Persephone
    • daughter of Demeter, wife of Hades
    • seasons of year, myths of regeneration
    • Roman-Proserpina
  24. Perseus
    son of mortal woman and Zeus, not a god but a hero, killed Medusa and killed a sea monster to save Andromeda (princess)
  25. Poseidon
    • god of sea, water, vegetation, fecundity
    • son of Cronus
    • Roman-Neptune
  26. Prometheus
    created humans from earth and water, titan but allowed to live on Olympus
  27. Satyrs
    Dionysus, elementary spirits of the forests and mountains, Half man/goat, sensual and lascivious
  28. Sirens
    sea monsters with birds bodies and women's heads, sang sweetly to lure travelers then killed them
  29. Theseus
    • not a god but a hero, destroyed the Minotaur on Crete
    • son of a mortal woman/man and Poseidon
  30. Titan
    first divine race, ancestors of humans, invention of arts and magic
  31. Tritons
    • strange sea creatures, half men/fish, scales/sharp teeth/claws/fins/forked tails
    • Hedonistic and lascivious
  32. Zeus
    • supreme god, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, ruled according to fate and own will
    • lived on Mt. Olympus
    • Roman-Jupiter
  33. Balder
    • Son of Odin and Frigg
    • beautiful, wisest and favorite of gods
    • Norse
  34. Freja
    Frey's sister, lived in Folkvang, commander of Valkyries
  35. Frey
    • Njord's son
    • peaceful, benevolent, mighty. A Vanir. Lived among the Aesir.
    • powerful horse, sword, and golden boar
  36. Frigg
    Aesir. Odin's wife. most revered of goddesses. Friday derived from her name. Posessed great wisdom and foresight. aka Frija
  37. Gerda
    Frey's wife. daughter of a giant
  38. Heimdall
    god of light. ambiguous beginnings of things. Guardian of all the gods.
  39. Idun
    goddess who owned magic apples. gave gods/goddesses eternal youth/immortality
  40. Jord
    earth goddess. Thor's mother
  41. Kvasir
    mingled saliva of 2 races of gods Aesir and Vanir. Surpassed all men in wisdom. Blood mixed with honey->drink->Sage and poet
  42. Loki
    superior demon. handsome and attentive to goddesses. Thor's blood brother. mischievious
  43. Magni and Modi
    Thor's sons. Magni=strength Modi=anger
  44. Mimir
    water demon. Odin's uncle, wise counselor, lived by Yggdrasil (world tree) ash tree in a fountain were all wisdom and knowledge were hidden
  45. Njord
    • a Vanir. peaceful, benevolent, mighty. Greatest of the Vanir.
    • provided fields and pastures with sun and rain. god of harvest, game, riches, commerce, and navigation. Guarantor of oaths
  46. Odin
    • Aesir. principal god of Teutonic peoples. Wednesday derived from him= frenzy and fury.
    • decided human's fates, handsome and eloquent, magician, god of spiritual life. warlike, but didn't fight, lived in Valhalla
    • aka Woden
  47. Sigmund
    hero not a god. mortal descendant of Odin. pulled sword out of tree trunk
  48. Sigurd
    • Sigmund's son, inheritor of his sword
    • aka Siegfried
  49. Skadi
    • Njord's wife
    • Daughter of a giant
  50. Thor
    • Aesir, god of thunder and war, Thursday comes from him, greatly feared
    • chariot wheels=thunder and thunderbolts= fiery weapons
    • rude, simple, noble, represented with a hammer
    • aka Donan
  51. Tiw
    • sky god, governs battles. spear=sign of judical power, Tuesday derived from him
    • aka Tyr
  52. Valkyries
    supernatural women who lived in valhalla. guards/servants to gods, domestic/marital duties
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