Psych 230 final 3

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  1. Ageism
    Predijuce and discrimination directed at older people
  2. geropsychology
    study of aging and the provision of clinical services for older adults
  3. Physical changes: outward aging
    graying and thinning of hair, wrinkles, height decrease
  4. Physical changes: Senses (vision)
    decline in activity, catoracts (cloudy area in lens), greater risk of glaucoma (increased pressure in eye)
  5. Physical changes: Senses (hearing)
    decline in hearing ability (partially higher frequencies)
  6. Physical changes: Senses (taste and smell)
    decline in sensitivity
  7. Physical changes: reaction time
    slows with ageing
  8. Physical changes: reaction time (peripherial slowing hypothesis)
    processing speed declines in peripherial nervous system
  9. Physical changes: reaction time (generalized slowing hypothesis)
    decreased efficency in processing in all parts
  10. Alzheimer's disease: main syndrom
    gradual memory loss
  11. Alzheimer's disease: charicteristics
    brain atrophy, plaques in the brain, neurofibrillary tangles (death of neurons and buildup)
  12. Biological factors related to Alzheimer's disease
    Decline in Acetylcholine production, problems with disposal of amyloid-beta proteins, increased inflamatory response of glial cells
  13. Other factors related to Alzheimer's disease
    head trauma, lack of positive stimuli in enviornment
  14. seattle longitudinal study
    cross sequential study begun in 1950's, focus on mental abilites and ageing in adulthood
  15. wisdom
    expert knowledge in practical aspects of life reflect on accumulations of life experience, contemplation, undersgtanding of human behavior
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