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  1. fascism
    aggresive nationism
  2. intermationisn
    the idea that trade between nations creats prospeity and help prevent wars.
  3. appeasment
    the policy of giving concessions in exchange for peace
  4. blizkrieg
    lightning war
  5. holocaust
    the catastrphe that ravaged europe jews
  6. concentration camps
    working like slaves til you die of exhaustion
  7. extremination camps
    where u were sent to die in extermination camps
  8. hemiphere defense zone
    western hemishere is nutral
  9. stragic materials
    materials imported for fighting war
  10. costpluse
    a goverment contract to pay amanufactur the cost to produce an item plus a guaranted percent
  11. liberity ship
    basic cargo ships
  12. disfranchised
    to deprive of the rights to vote
  13. periphery
    edges, outer boundry
  14. convoy system
    cargo ships traveled in groups and where escorted by navy warships
  15. sunbelt
    new industrial region
  16. rationing
    limiting the availablity
  17. victory gradens
    gradens planted during war times by americans during war to raise veges
  18. amphtrac
    an amphibs tractor used to move troops from ships to shore
  19. kamikaze
    suiced missions, crash plans
  20. hedgerows
    dirt walls, severals feet thick
  21. napalm
    a kind of a jellied gasoline
  22. charter
    a constitution
  23. cold war
    the ideological and often confrontation conflict between the united nations and the soviet union
  24. iron curtain
    the policitical and military barrary that isolated soviet controlled countries of easter europe after world war 2
  25. containment
    keeping communiss within its present territory through the use of diplomatic, econmic and military
  26. limited war
    a war fought to achieve a limted objective
  27. subversion
    is the effects to secretly weaken a society and overthrow its goverment
  28. pejury
    lying under oath
  29. censure
    formal disapproval
  30. fallout
    the raition left over after blast
  31. fallout shelter
    a shelter built with the intent to house and protect ppl from nuclear fallout
  32. massive retaliation
    a policy of threatening a massive response, including the use of nuclear weapons, against a communist state trying to seize a peaceful state by force
  33. brinkmanship
    the willingness to go to the brink of war to force the other side to back down
  34. covert
  35. developing nations
    nations with primarily agricultural economies
  36. millary industrial complex
    an informal relationship that some ppl believe exists between the military and the defens industry to promote greater military spendin and influenced govermant policy
  37. closed shops
    the practice of forcing bussiness owners to only hire union members
  38. right to work laws
    outlawed union shops
  39. union shops
    shops in which new workrs were required to jion the union
  40. fether bedding
    the pratice of limmiting work output in order to creat more jobs
  41. dynamic conservatism
    balancing econmic conservation with some activism
  42. white collar
    jobs in feils not required to do labor
  43. blue collar jobs
    jobs required to do labor
  44. multinational corporations
    large coorperations with overseas investment
  45. franchises
    in which a person owens and runs one or several stores
  46. baby boom
    a marked rise in birth rates
  47. generation gap
    the cultural seperation between childeren and thier parents
  48. poverty line
    a figure set up by the gov to relect tge min income reqired to support a family
  49. urban renewal
    goverment program that attempts to elininate poverty and revitalize urban areas
  50. termination policy
    a gov policy to bring native americans into miansteam societ by withdrawing recongnition of native american grouos as legal entities
  51. juvenile delinquency
    anti socail or criminal behavior of young ppl
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