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  1. Adjustment to widowhood: Preperation
    Spouse prepares for death
  2. Adjustment to widowhood: grief and mourning
    reaction to death of partner
  3. Adjustment to widowhood: Adaptation
    reintegration and adjustment
  4. Neugarten's personality type theory: disintegrated/disorganised
    experience despair and do not adapt well to aging, poorer health
  5. Neugarten's personality type theory: Defended
    Actively ward off aging, involved in activites, unrealistic expectations
  6. Neugarten's personality type theory: passive-dependant
    fear aging
  7. Neugarten's personality type theory: integrated
    adapt well to aging process
  8. Erikson's theory: stage 8 (integrity vs despair
    life reviews take place (is person satisfied with their life?, do they have regrets?)
  9. Peck’s Developmental tasks: redefinition of self vs. preoccupation with work role
  10. Peck’s Developmental tasks: body transcendence vs. body preoccupation
    focus on age-related physical changes
  11. Peck’s Developmental tasks: ego transcendence vs. ego preoccupation
    coming to terms with one's mortality
  12. Disengadgement theory
    withdrawl from world, focus on what is most meaningful to self
  13. continuity theory
    individual preferances for activity and involvement earlier in life are important to consider, these preferances remain constant throughout life
  14. Genetic preprogramming theory
    focus on genetic code, suggests that DNA contains a time-limit for reproduction of human cells
  15. Wear and tear theory of aging
    focus on mechanical functions of aging, over time these functions begin to "wear out"
  16. postponing aging
    Longevity genes (FOXO gene has found to be related to larger life), replace worn-out organs
  17. Postponing aging: reduce free-radicals
    Antioxidentdrug therapy/vitamins
  18. Postponing aging: Calorie restriction
    low calorie diet (30% to 50% of normal calorie intake)
  19. centenarians
    Gdenetic predisposition for longer life, good health, physically active, goal-oriented, lead people-centered lives, optomistic, positive outlook on life, look forward to the future, Adaptable
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