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  1. Indications for warfarin?
    • Prevention and treatment of VTE
    • Prevention of thromboembolism in pateints with heart valves
    • Prevention of stroke in patients with previous MI
  2. Precautions of warfarin?
    Protein C or protein S deficinency - increased risk of skin necrosis
  3. Adverse effects of warfarin?

    skin necrosis, hair loss, nausea, vomiting,
  4. Dose of warfarin?
    maintainance dose??
    Usually 5mg once daily then adjust

    usually 1-10mg daily.
  5. Counselling for warfarin?
    Always take the same brand of tablets

    Avoid cranberry juice in excessive amounts

    Tell your doctor if you develop a painful purple bruise-like rash

    Maintain a consistent diet

    Tell other medical professionals you are taking warfarin

    Look out for unexplained burising, or bleeding, red or dark brown urine or dark coloured faeces
  6. Indications of dipyridamole?
    Prevention of thromboembolism in patients with prosthetic heart valves (with warfarin)

    Secondary prevention of ischaemic stroke and TIA, including combination with aspirin
  7. Precautions of using dipyradimole?
    Treatment with other blood thinners

    Aortic stenosis
  8. Adverse effects of dipyridamole?
    headache, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, hot flushes, hypotension, tachycardia
  9. Dose of dipyridamole?
    thromboembolism prevention?
    secondary stroke prevention?
    thromboembolism prevention - 300–600 mg daily in 3 or 4 doses.

    Secondary prevention of stroke and TIA -Controlled release, oral 200 mg twice daily.
  10. Counselling for dipyridamole?
    This medicine is absorbed best if taken on an empty stomach 1 hour before, or 2 hours after, meals.

    If it upsets your stomach, it can be taken with food or milk.

    Some people get a bad headache with this medicine, especially at the start of treatment; tell your doctor if this happens to you.
  11. Indications for enoxaparin?
    Prevention of VTE in surgical patients and in medical patients bedridden due to acute illness

    Treatment of venous thrombosis

    Treatment of acute STEMI, non-STEMI and unstable angina
  12. Precautions of enoxaparin?
    caution in renal impairment, reduce dose if crcl < 30mL/min

    increased risk of bleeding
  13. Adverse effects of enoxaparin?
    bleeding, bruising and pain at injection site
  14. Dose of enoxaparin?
    for VTE treatment?
    SC, 1 mg/kg twice daily for 5- 10 days
  15. Counselling for enoxaparin?
    tell your doctor if you have any signs of bleeding or unexplained bruising
  16. Precautions of using clopidogrel??
    Metabolised by cyp to active form. Avoid use with cypc19 inhibitors
  17. Adverse effects of clopidogrel?
    Diarrhoea, bleeding

    GI ulcer
  18. Dose of clopidogrel?
    75mg daily for antiplatelet activity

    ACS - 300mg loading dose then 75mg maintainance for upto 12 months
  19. Indications for prasugrel?
    Prevention of atherothrombotic events (with aspirin) in acute coronary syndromes (including STEMI and non-STEMI) to be managed with PCI
  20. Precautions of prasugrel?
    • History of stroke or TIA -- contraindicated
    • asian
    • Elderly -- high risk of bleeding
  21. Adverse effects of prasugrel?
    bleeding, rash
  22. Dose of prasugrel *with asprin*
    60mg then 10mg daily
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