Using Electricity: Useful Circuits

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  1. describe the current in a series circuit.
    there is only one path for current and so current is the same at all points
  2. What is the equation for the sum of all the voltages in series?
    Vs = V1 + V2 + ...
  3. What is the equation for the total resistance in a series circuit?
    Rt = R1 + R2 + ...
  4. what is required of swiches when places in series?
    they must be closed for the circuit to operate
  5. What is the equation for the sum of the currents in a parallel circuit?
    Is = I1 + I2 + ...
  6. describe the voltages across components in parallel
    the voltage is the same for each component
  7. what is the equation for the total resistance of a parallel circuit?
    1/Rt = 1/ R1 + 1/ R2 + ...
  8. why must care be taken not to connect too many appliances to the one socket?
    this could result in a large current being drawn for the supply
  9. What can a simple continuity tester be made from?
    a battery and a bulb
  10. From a simply continuity tester how can you tell if there is a continuous circuit?
    the bulb will light
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