Using Electricity: Movement from Electricity

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  1. when is a magnetic field produced around a wire?
    when current passes through a wire
  2. in an electric motor, what produces a magnetic field?
    the field coils
  3. what does the rotating coil in an electric motor do?
    carries a current in the magnetic field and therefore there is a force on the rotating coil
  4. what are the 3 inter-related quantities?
    • electric current
    • magnetic field
    • force
  5. if two inter-related quantities are present what will happen?
    the third will be produced
  6. what does the commutator do to keep the motor turning in the same direction?
    it reverses the direction of current in the rotating coils every half turn
  7. what happens when a current carrying wire is placed in a magnetic field?
    • the force on it will depend on both the direction of the current and the direction of the magnetic field
    • reversing either of these will reverse the direction of the force on the wire
  8. what do the brushes in a motor do?
    make electric contaact with the commutator while allowing it to rotate
  9. what do commercial motors have?
    • carbon brushes
    • field coils
    • multi-section commutators
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