Compounding: common name vs. synonym

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  1. alcohol USP
    spiritus vini rectificatus, S.V.R.
  2. aluminum acetate solution
    Burrow's solution
  3. Anhydrous lanolin
    wool fat
  4. benzoic and salicylic acids ointments
    Whitfield's ointment
  5. calamine
    prepared calamine
  6. castor oil
    oleum ricini
  7. coal tar solution
    liquor carbonis detergent, L.C.D.
  8. gentian violet
    methylrosaniline chloride
  9. glycerin
  10. iodochlorohydroxyquin
  11. juniper tar
    oil of cade
  12. lanolin
    hydrous wool fat
  13. lime water
    calcium hydroxide solution
  14. linseed oil
    • oleum lini
    • flaxseed oil
  15. liquid petrolatum, heavy
    mineral oil
  16. magnesium magma
    milk of magnesia
  17. magnesium sulfate
    epsom salt
  18. methyl salicylate
    oil of wintergreen
  19. olive oil
    sweet oil
  20. aregoric
    camphorated tincture of opium, Tr. opii camphorata
  21. peppermint water
    aqua mentae piperitae
  22. petrolatum
    yellow petrolatum
  23. resorcinol
  24. rose water ointment
    cold cream
  25. salicylic acid acetate
  26. sodium bicarbonate
    baking soda
  27. sodium borate
    • borax
    • sodium tetraborate
  28. starch
    corn starch
  29. strong iodine solution
    lugol's solution
  30. sulfurated potash
    liver of sulfur
  31. tripelennamine
    • pyribenzamine
    • PBZ
  32. white lotion
    lotio alba
  33. white petrolatum
    • white vaseline
    • petrolatum album
  34. witch hazel
    hamamelis water
  35. zinc oxide paste
    lassar's plain zinc paste

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Compounding: common name vs. synonym
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Compounding common name vs synonym

Compounding: common name vs. synonym
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