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  1. What is a hazard?
    A hazard is an event that threatens, or actually causes damage and destruction to people, their property, and settlements.
  2. What is a Natural hazard?
    A natural hazard is one that is produced by environmental processes. These are things like storms, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
  3. What sort of hazards are caused by people?
    These are hazards such as industrial explosions, to nuclear warfare. These tend to be the outcomse of mishaps of techmnology.
  4. ?What's the problem with categorising hazards
    Some just go into different areas. For example, floods can be caused by tsunamis by earthquakes.
  5. What is risk?
    Risk is the probability of a particular event happening and the scale of its possible damage. It is also what people take knowing that they are exposed to a natural event that might prove hazardous.

    the greater the probability of the event happening the greater the risk.
  6. What is mitigation?
    This is also known as adjustment. This is taking evasive, precautionary or evasive action to a hazard.
  7. Three aspects of hazards?
    • Distribution - Where on earth?
    • Frequency - How often?
    • Scale - how serious?
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