CAM Exam 2

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  1. list 1 food item that naturally contains vitamin D
    • salmon
    • tuna
    • mushrooms
  2. what is the daily dose that is associated with vitamin D toxicity?
    >10,000 IU/day
  3. What forms does Vit D take within the body?
    • Cholecalciferol - made by the body
    • Calcidiol -storage form
    • Calcitriol - biologically active form
  4. Vitamin D and Ca relationship in human body
    • increase Ca absorption from intestines
    • Increase bone mineralization and maintains Ca balance in the body
  5. Recomended daily intake range of Vit. D per IOM in adults
  6. Promate lactation but CI during lactation
  7. Fenugreek shouldn't be taken by pregnant women because it may induce
    uterine contractions
  8. black cohosh use should be limited to less than
    6 months
  9. phytoestrogens should be avoided in patients with
    • hormone-dependent conditions
    • bleeding disorders
  10. marketed for menopause symptom relief can cause photodermatitis
    dong quai
  11. marketed for premenstrual symptom relief is associated with increased seizure risk
    evening primrose oil
  12. marketed for menopause symptom relief associated with liver toxicity
    black cohosh
  13. marketed for premenstrual symptom relief interacts with dopaminergic agents
  14. 2 side effects of St. John's Worth
    • insomnia
    • agitation
  15. Regulation status of St. John's Wort: USA, France, Germany
    • France: banned
    • German: rx
    • USA: supplement
  16. 3 drug interactions with St. John's Worth that can have serious consquences
    • HIV meds
    • Birth control
    • Warfarin
  17. Marketed for memory that can increase risk for seizures
    Gingko: can lead to seizures/decrease seizure threshold
  18. how dose light affect melatonin secretion in the human body?
    light inhibits melatonin secretion
  19. FDA "dear provider" letter regarding Kava Kava
    • CI in parkinson's because it's a dopamine antagonist
    • can also cause severe liver damage
  20. long term and/or heavy use of kava
    scaly, yellow skin
  21. what type of cinnamon and at what doses have been studied to see benefit for diabetes?
    • cassia
    • 1,3, and 6 g/day
  22. Food allergies that have cross reactivity to bitter melon
    members of gourd/melon family
  23. why might bitter melon cause GI issues?
    seeds and outer rind contain a toxic lectin that inhibits protein synthesis in the intestinal wall
  24. favism and what can prevent it
    • favism: onset of hemolytic anemia and other symptoms including headache, fever, tomach pain, and coma
    • individuals with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency are at an increased risk after ingesting bitter melon seeds
  25. deplete chromium
  26. NSAIDS vs. chromium
    cause retention and increased absorption of chromium
  27. Prickly Pear Cactus can cause GI effects imilar to what?
    bulk laxatives
  28. Bitter orange is chemically similar to what dietary supplement that was pulled off the market
  29. what se can pts experience with carb-blocker products?
    GI, diarrhea, flatulence
  30. What dietary supplement was recalled by teh FDA in May 2009 and why was it recalled?
    • Hydroxycut
    • Liver dmage
  31. HCG FDA indications
    • induces ovulation and pregnancy
    • hypogonadism
  32. target dose of glucosamine for use of osteoarthritis
    1500 mg daily
  33. case reports support an increased risk of what with glucosamine
    rare effect of increased INR associated with use of warfarin
  34. topical glucosamine help with arthritis pain?
    no, only oral glucosamine has been shown tho help with arthritis pain
  35. Activon is similar to what other OTC products?
    • Bengay
    • Vicks
  36. what natural product is associated with permanent loss of smell?
    topical zinc
  37. ginseng effect on blood pressure
    • low doses: increases blood pressure
    • high doses: decreases blood pressure
  38. SE with high doses of vitamin C
    • dental erosion
    • esophageal ulcers
    • intestinal bezoars
    • renal insufficiency
    • nephropathy, kidney stones
  39. SE with high doses of Vitamin A
    • CNS
    • Dermatologic
    • GI
    • Hematologic
    • Hepatomegaly
    • visual distrubance
    • tinnitus
  40. Cause QT interval prolongation in high doses or in sensitive patients
  41. Ginseng Abuse Syndrome
    ingesting 3-15 g/day of ginseng for up to 2 years may be associated with a syndrome of diarrhea, hypertension, nervousness, dermatologic eruptions, and insomnia
  42. Vitamin A: DRI (19-50 yo and 14-18 yo)
    • M: 900 mg/day
    • F: 700 mg/day
  43. Vitamin C: DRI (19-50 yo)
    • M: 90 mg/day
    • F: 75 mg/day
  44. Vitamin C: DRI (14-18 yo)
    • M: 75 mg/day
    • F: 65 Mg/day
  45. Zinc: DRI (19-50 yo)
    • M: 11 mg/day
    • F: 8 mg/day
  46. Zinc: DRI (14-18 yo)
    • M: 11 mg/day
    • F: 9 mg/day
  47. Vitamin A: TUIL (19-50 yo)
    3000 mcg
  48. Vitamin A: TUIL (14-18 yo)
    2,800 mcg
  49. Vitamin C: TUIL (19-50 yo)
    2,000 mg
  50. Vitamin C: TUIL (14-18 yo)
    1,800 mg
  51. Zinc: TUIL (19-50 yo)
    40 mg
  52. Zinc: TUIL (14-18 yo)
    34 mg
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