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  1. Christendom
    • Holy Trinity, Christianity
    • Jesus Christ-son of Hebrew God; Christ was born a Jew. He directed the Israelites towards another way of worship
    • Worship @ Church
  2. Hinduism
    Bhrama-creator of life, Brahman-supreme entity of universe, Kali-goddess of destruction(death), Mitra-god of light, Shiva(Siva)-god of fertility/life/destruction/death, Vishnu-god who preserves life
  3. Islam
    (monotheistic religion)
    • Allah-creator of the universe/all mankind, worshipped by Muslims
    • Muhammad-founder of Islam; prophet sent by Allah to teach followers the pure way of worship
    • Worship @ Mosque
  4. Judaism
    (monotheistic religion)
    • Yahweh(Jehovah)-creator of universe and every living thing worshipped by Hebrews
    • Abraham(Abram)-forefather of the Israelites; worshipped Jehovah 4k yrs ago. believed in adherence to Divine commandment
    • Moses-leader of the nation of Israel; provided the Jews with a copy of "the law" form God
    • Worship @ Temple
  5. Shintoism
    • Amatersau Omikami-sun goddess/god of Shinto
    • Amenominakanushi-no-kami-god of universe(based on Christian God)
    • Takami-musubi-high producing subordinate of universe god
    • Emperor Hirohito-WWII Emperor of Japan, sun goddess decendant
    • Kami-musubi-divine producing god; subordinate universe god
  6. Taoism
    (numerous gods, goddesses, fairies, and immortals)
    • Pa Hsien/8 Immortals-ancestors of China
    • Tsao Shen/The god of hearth-god of fire
    • Ch'eng Huang/city gods-protected ancient Chinese cities
    • Men Shen/Guardians of the door-spirits who protect the way to the spirit world
  7. Siddharatha Gautama
    • Buddhism
    • Buddha-or enlightened one, founder and teacher of Buddhism
  8. Confucius
    • Confucianism
    • founder of confucianism, taught moral codes and ethics. confucius taught that everyone must learn what role they play in society and live accordingly
  9. Nataputta Vardhamana
    • Jainism
    • aka Vardhamana Mahavira his title meant Great Hero. Founder of Jainism, he taught self denial, self discipline, and nonviolence
  10. Guru Nanak
    • Sikhism
    • founder of sikhism; taught that all mankind are brothers and sisters and should treat one another accordingly
  11. Lao-tzu
    • Taoism
    • "Old Master" founder of taoism; taught that mankind should leave behind the world and become one with nature
  12. Rome
    Vatican, Holy City, acknowledged mostly by Catholics
  13. Ganges River
    • Hinduism
    • river has power to cleanse, purify, and release its believers
  14. Mecca
    • Islam
    • Holy City, all male Muslims must go at least once in lifetime
  15. Jerusalem
    • Judaism
    • Solomon's temple, holy wall
  16. Amristar
    • Sikhism
    • Sikh holy city located in India
  17. Judaism Holidays
    • Yom Kippur-Day of Atonement(fasting/spiritual self-examination)
    • Sukkot-Festival of Booths/Huts; autumnal celebration of harvest (end of agricultural year)
    • Pesach-Passover Festival; Israel's deliverance from Egypt
  18. Shinto Holidays
    • Sho-gatu-New year festival (1-3)
    • Setsubun-toss beans in/out homes to keep evil spirits out and good ones in (Feb 3)
  19. Tanakh
    • Judaism Holy writ
    • 3 divisions of Jewish Bible: Torah(5 Moses), Nevi'im(Prophets), and Kethuvin(Writings)
  20. Talmud
    • Judaism Holy writ
    • given as a supplement to the original law of Moses
  21. Vedas
    • Hinduism holy writ
    • earliest of sacred writings of Hinduism
  22. The Four Books
    • Confucianism holy writ
    • The Great learning, The Doctrine of the Mean, The Analects, The Book of Mencius, All collections of sayings and teachings of Confucius
  23. The Five Classics
    • confucianism holy writ
    • writings that deal with poetry, rituals, and ancient Chinese history: The Book of Poetry, The Book of History, The Book of Changes, The Book of Rites, Annuals of Spring and Autumn
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