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  1. self concept
    composed of psychological, sociologic, spiritual and physiological expiriences
  2. Development of SC
    • physical attributes
    • behaviors or skills
    • psychological dimensions- emotions, motives, cognition
  3. Factors affecting SC
    • developmental- nursing implications in various periods of life
    • cultural issues
    • successes and failures
    • life crisis
    • ilness, trauma, aging
  4. internal and external factors affecting SC
    • Internal- humor, organizational skills, intelligence
    • External- support system, financial support, use of support systems
  5. Components of SC
    • Identity- awareness of being different then others
    • Body image- mental picture of ones body
    • Self esteem- self evaluation of ones worth
    • Role performance- standards of behaviors accepted by society
  6. Principle of Development
    person develops the means of maintaining integrity of the self in altered circumstances: meets demands of the environment without causing undue distress to self or others
  7. Age related Developmental tasks
    sense of competancy, relationships with others, positive body image, spiritual id, racial id
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