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  1. anemia
    chronic low blood count
  2. butterfly
    method used on infants, children and adults with small veins
  3. vacutainer
    routine bloode drawing method
  4. syringe
    method used on patients with difficult veins like cancer patients, except children because it can collapse a vein
  5. inner elbow
    primary location for venipunctures
  6. serum only
    used for tests the require blood to clot
  7. capillary
    blood drawing method that pricks the finger
  8. esr
    test to determine how quick blood cells settle in a tube
  9. bevel
    slanted end of needle facing up when used for venipunture
  10. gold top tube
    separating gel with clot activater
  11. light green tube/green tube
  12. green tube
  13. plain red tube
    no additive, blood clots (serum)
  14. red spotted/tiger tops
    serum separating gel
  15. black top
    sodium citrate, used for sed rate
  16. orange top
    thrombin/stat serum testing
  17. perservatibe tubes
    have chemical agents inside the tubes that keep blood from clotting
  18. Non perservative tubes
    allows blood to clot naturally
  19. light gray top
    contains Sodium Fluoride and Potassium Oxalate to prevent clotting
  20. light blue top
    contains sodium citrate to perform coagulation tests (plasma)
  21. Yellow top
    Contains Acid Citrate Dexatose
  22. Gold top
    Has a serum seperator/ no preservative (serum)
  23. Blue top
  24. Red top/tiger top/ and gold top
    are the only one that can get serum
  25. order of blood draw
    • yellow
    • light blue
    • red
    • green
    • lavendar
    • gray
    • black
  26. cappilary puncture
    fingerstick, few drops of blood needed for testing
  27. prevent illness or worsening of illness/confirm diagnosis/ research stat, employment/ detect asympptomatic conditions/differntiate between two or more diseases/ track treatment
    purpose of venipuncture
  28. portion of the needle with a slanted blade used to puncture skin for blood draws
  29. capillaries
    small blood vessels
  30. shaft
    slender tube on the needle that is the passage way for blood to exit the vein to the tube during venipuncture
  31. hematoma
    collection of blood just beneathe the skin
  32. hemolysis
    rupture of red blood cells during venipunctue
  33. 23 g
    very small , not often used causes hemolysis
  34. 22g
    small, used for pediatrics
  35. 21g
    most common size used for venipunctue
  36. 20 g
    larger size ok for venipunctures
  37. 18g
    larger size used for blood banking
  38. parts of a needle
    bevel, shaft, hub, rubber sleev covering needle
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