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  1. Due to immersion in fluid.
    Buoyant Force
  2. Due to motion of fluid.
    Types: Drag and Lift
    Dynamic Force
  3. Force that results from motion within a fluid.
    Resolved into:
    Lift Force
    Dynamic Fluid Forces
  4. Drag is ______.
    Lift is ______.
    • Parallel
    • Perpendicular
  5. • Velocity of object in fluid
    • Velocity of fluid itself
    • = the difference between the two
    Relative Velocity
  6. • Force that results from motion within a fluid
    • Resolved into
    Drag Force
    Lift Force
    Dynamic Fluid Force
  7. • Lift force caused by a spin
    • Responsible for curved flights of balls
    Topspin - Ball drops
    Backspin - Greater height of flight of ball
    Sidespin - Ball swerves right or left
    Magnus Effect
  8. Upward force equal in magnitude to t the weight of water displaced by the immersed object.
    Buoyant Force
  9. • Proportional to density of fluid, frontal area of object and square of relative velocity of fluid.
    • Relative velocity has greatest influence on drag and lift because these forces are proportional to square of velocity.
    • Components:
    Dynamic Fluid Force
  10. • The resultant of lift and drag forces
    • Point of application of this resultant
    • If center of pressure is not directed through the center of gravity of the object, a torque will be produced (object will turn/rotate)
    Center of Pressure
  11. ______ reduces by streamlining shape of object and keeping surface smooth
    Drag Force
  12. ______ controlled by shape and orientation of object.
    Lift Force

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