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  1. What is iFlashcard?
    This is iFlashcard! A FREE App that allows you to create flashcards for your students to download.
  2. Can students create flashcards?
    Yes! All you have to do is create an account online and you can create and upload your own flashcards.
  3. What can I use iFlashcards for?
    You can use it as a study tool.
  4. What else can I use it for?
    You can also use it as an electronic, step-by-step instructional tool to guide students through an activity.
  5. What phones does iFlashcard work with?
    iPhones, iPods, iPads and Androids
  6. What do you do for students that don't have that technology?
    You can provide hard copies of the same information or pair them with another student that does.
  7. Do students use it?
    Yes! When it is optional, not all students will do it. Those who have, however, have been very successful.
  8. How can my students access my Flashcards?
    As long as your choose to make your flashcards public, anyone is able to access them.
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NLU iFlashcard Tutorial

NLU iFlashcard Tutorial
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