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  1. what is the anchor lead in?
    each script should begin with this. this introduces the story, the reporter and why it is being told.
  2. what is a package?
    complete edited story from a reporter that is usually 2 min or less. sometimes up to 4 mins.
  3. what is a script?
    written version of a video news report. includes slug, voice overs, stand ups, and sound bites.
  4. what is a stand up?
    a part in the reporter's package where the reporter appears on camer and delievers part of the script.
  5. what is a voice over?
    an anchor or reporter reads a script while video relating to the story is on the screen.
  6. what is a tag out?
    when a reporter states their name, location and station at the end of a package/stand up.
  7. what is a rundown?
    list of elements in a newscast.
  8. what is a block?
    portion of a newscast.
  9. what is a producer?
    person who supervises, researches, plans and organizes the story. and directs the news team.
  10. what is a teleprompter?
    device used to show an actor or speaker line by line what to say.
  11. TRT?
    total running time of a story.
  12. read rate?
    how fast or slow the reporter or anchor reads on the teleprompter
  13. block a?
    local news
  14. block b?
    national news.
  15. block c?
  16. block d?
  17. block e?
    final weather/closing
  18. what are commercials?
    divides the blocks in a newscast.
  19. what do the anchors do when the teleprompter breaks?
    they have a paper copy
  20. what is the left column of a double column script for?
    instructions for the control room.
  21. right column?
    the words of the script.
  22. what should the interviewee do during a video taped interview?
    look at the reporter.
  23. where should the camera be during an interview?
    eye level.
  24. what's the difference b/t a broadcast copy and a print copy?
    it allows spelling, grammar errors, uses all capital letters, and written in conversational tone.
  25. how should you begin a videotaped interview?
    state and spell their name and title/class.
  26. what should you do while setting up a shot for an interview?
    camera should look over the shoulder.
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