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  1. Which of the following would be appropriately designed as DEAD SPACE?
    a. An Auditorium
    b. A Church
    c. An Office
    d. A Hospital Patient Room
    • d. A Hospital Patient Room
    • A DEAD SPACE is appropriate for a hospital because it would be quiet. The room would contain a large amount of porous materials to absorb sound waves. Auditoriums and churches are designed as LIVE SPACES. These spaces reflect sound waves. Offices need a mixture of deaad and live spaces, allowing for some WHITE NOISE.
  2. Sabin
    • A unit of <B><FONT COLOR='RED'>SOUND ABSORPTION</font></b>
    • Named after the American Physicist Wallace C. W. Sabine.
    • One unit is equal to one square foot of a totally absorptive surface.
  3. The eye is composed of a focusing device, a brightness control, and a sensing surface. What are the the names of these parts of the eye?
    • LENS: Focuses
    • IRIS: Controls brightness
    • RETINA: Sense color
  4. The objective of a fire protection system is to make a building:
    a. Fireproof
    b. Fire retardant
    c. Fire resistant
    d. Fire safe
    • c. fire Resistant
    • The objective of a fire protection system is to enable structures to resist fire long enough for the safe evacuation of all occupants.

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