Transport: Movement means Energy

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  1. what is the principle of conservation of energy?
    • energy is changed from one form to another during a vehicle's motion.
    • the total amount of energy remains constant.
    • energy can neither be created nor destroyed
  2. what is Work Done?
    a measure of the energy transferred during an energy transformation
  3. what is power?
    the rate at which energy is transferred during an energy transformation
  4. what is gravitational potential energy?
    the change in gravitational potential energy of an object is the work done against gravity or by gravity
  5. what is kinetic energy?
    the energy an object has due to its motion
  6. what does kinetic energy depend on?
    • both its mass and speed
    • increasing the mass and/or the speed of the object increases its kinetic energy
  7. during any energy transformation, what happens to the energy?
    the total amount of energy stays the same
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