vocab unit 14

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  1. alacrity
    a cheerful readiness; brisk and eager action
  2. alliviate
    to relieve, moake more bearable
  3. antithesis
    the direct opposite, a sharp contrast
  4. appall
    to fill with dismay or horror
  5. bellicose
    warlike in manner or temperament; quarrelsome
  6. disparage
    to belittle, speak slightingly of; to undervalue
  7. dissonent
    not in harmony; disagreeing, at odds
  8. droll
    amusingly odd
  9. edict
    an order issued by someone in authority
  10. elucidate
    to clarify, explain
  11. laud
    to praise
  12. loll
    to act in a lazy manner; to lounge, ro recline, droop
  13. loquacious
    talkative, wordy; fond of talking
  14. magnanimous
    generous in forgiving, above small meanness
  15. mandatory
    required, obligatory
  16. nondescript
    ordinary, not outstanding; not easily classified
  17. phlegmatic
    slow-moving, sluggish; unemotional
  18. rescind
    to repeal, cancel
  19. vivacious
    lively, sprightly, full of energy
  20. whet
    to sharpen, put an edge one; to make keen or eager
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