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  1. excessive intakes and deficient intakes of all vitamins and minerals impare the
    immune system
  2. what supports a healthy immune system?
    vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
  3. what is the first line of defense against infection?
    skin and mucous membranes
  4. the number 1 and 2 killers in the US are
    heart disease and cancer
  5. how many of the 10 leading causes of death is related to nutrition
  6. most people have well developed plauges by what age?
    30 years old
  7. steps to help heart disease
    • exercise more
    • more veggies and fruit
    • less fat, saturated fats, cholesterol
    • and less salt
  8. cvd affects men and women but has killed more
  9. ideal blood pressure is
  10. steps to cancer development
    • exposure to carcinogen
    • entry of carcinogen into the cell
    • initiation
    • enhancement of cancer development by promoters
  11. dietary recomondations
    • high intake of veggies/fruits and whole grains
    • avoid fat, alcohol, smoked foods and meats
  12. what percent of cancers are influenced by diet?
  13. FDA major concerns
    • foodborne illness
    • toxins in foods
    • residues in foods
    • nutrients in foods
    • intentional food additives
    • genetically modified fods
  14. know agencies that moniter the food supply
  15. 3 things bacteria needs to grow
    warmth, moisture, and nutrients
  16. what food is susceptible to bacterial contamination?
    meat and poultry
  17. problems with raw seafood
    worms flukes and other paracites
  18. 4 ways to protect family from foodborne illnesses
    • refridgerate leftovers
    • do not eat raw food items
    • disinfect kitchen counters
    • defrost items in the fridgerator
  19. two types of additives
    • incidental
    • intentional- artificial color
    • preservatives
    • thinkening agents
  20. you should thaw frozen meats
    in the refrigerator
  21. single most potent indicator of an infant's future health
    the infants birth wieght
  22. characteristics of a fetus at 8 weeks
    no more webbed feet and toes. organs are starting to work
  23. define low birth weight
    less than 5 1/2 pounds normally i premature infants or in infants who didnt grow properly in the uterus
  24. how much weight needed to gain during each trimester.
    • 1: 2-4
    • 2: 3-4
    • 3: one pound a week
  25. what nutrient plays a role in neural tube defect
    The b vitamin folate helps prevent neural tube defects
  26. what lifestyle factors should be avoided while pregnant
    drugs, excessive exercise, smoking, and drinking alcohol
  27. Breast milk is lacking what vitamin?
    no vitamn d
  28. what age does a childs appetite fluxuate
    after the 1st birthday
  29. components of a true food allergy
    • antibodies, symptoms occur 24 hours after consumed.
    • 4 major ones are nuts, eggs, milk, and soy
  30. how to prevent a child from choking
    child should be sitting, and grapes should be cut into bite size peices.
  31. normal everyday causes for wild hyperactive behavior in children beucase of
    desire for attention, lack of sleep, overstimulation, too much tv and lack of exercise
  32. what does a tv do to a child?
    for every hour viewed, there is a 2% increase in obesity
  33. best way to tell if a teenager is growing properly
    • men: increase 12 inches and increase 50-60 pounds
    • women: increase 10 inches and 40-50 pounds
  34. what is the fastest growing age group in our society is
    over 85 years old
  35. most important meal of the day
  36. older adults should drink how much water
    6-8 glasses
  37. why do energy needs in older people decrease
    disease in metabolism, muscle mass, and activity
  38. what happens to birthrate when pverty decreases
    it increases
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