Health Physics: Thermometers

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  1. what does a thermometer require?
    some measurable physical property that changes with temperature
  2. what property changes in a liquid-in-glass thermometer?
    volume of liquid
  3. what property changes in a digital thermometer?
    resistance of thermistor
  4. what property changes in a crystal strip thermometer?
    crystals have different melting points
  5. describe a liquid-in-glass thermometer.
    • the liquid inside the thermometer expands when it is heated
    • its volume increases and it rises up the tube
    • the liquid expands more than the glass
  6. describe a clinical thermometer.
    • measures over a smaller range so it can be more accurate
    • keeps highest reading for ease of use
    • glass tube shaped like a lens to magnify the thin thread of liquid
  7. what is the normal body temperature?
    37 degrees
  8. what is the body temperature if the person has a fever?
    above 38 degrees
  9. what is the body temperature if the person has hypothermia?
    below 34 degrees
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