Anatomy joints

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  1. Depression
    Movement of bone vertically downwards.
  2. Gomphoses
    Fibrous mobile peg-and-socket joint of a tooth with its bony socket.
  3. Lateral excursion
    The movement of the lower jaw to the side.
  4. Osteoligamentous
    The place where the bone and the ligaments are joined together.
  5. Periodontal
    Relating to or affecting tissues and structures around the teeth - Greek "peri" = around and "odontos" = tooth.
  6. Pivot
    A bony projection.
  7. Protraction
    Movement of a joint horizontally forwards.
  8. Symphysis
    Joint in which bones grow together and are linked by a disc of fibrocartilage.
  9. Synchondroses
    Joint in which bones are linked together by hyaline cartilage.
  10. Synostosis
    Fusion of a normally separate skeletal bones - Greek "syn" = together and "osteon" = bones.
  11. 3 types of joints
    Fibrous, Synovial, Cartilaginous
  12. Types of synovial joints
    • Uniaxial
    • 1. Hinge (i.e. Knee)
    • 2. Gliding (i.e. intercarpal
    • 3. Pivot (i.e. Superior radioulnar jt)

    • Biaxial
    • 1. Saddle (capometacarpal thumb)
    • 2. Condyloid (metacarpalphalangeal)
    • 3. Ball & Socket (glenohumeral)
  13. Types of Fibrous joints
    • 1. Suture: In cranium
    • 2. Gomphoses: teeth
    • 3. Syndesmosis: Interosseous membrane
  14. Types of Cartilaginous joints
    • 1. Synchondrosis: hyaline joint to bone... called synostosis when hyaline ossifies
    • 2. Symphesis: fibocartilaginous disc (pubic symphesis)
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