Health Physics: Using Sounds

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  1. what is sound caused by?
  2. what can sound travel through?
    • solids, liquids and gases
    • but not a vacuum
  3. what is a stethoscope?
    a device for listening to sounds from within a patients body
  4. what is ultrasound?
    sound with a frequency above the range of human hearing (20000Hz)
  5. what is an ultrasound scanner?
    can be used to examine the inside of a patient
  6. how does an ultrasound scanner work?
    • ultrasonic waves are directed into the patient and reflect off object inside the patient.
    • it takes different times for the sound waves to return from different depths and so an image of the patient can be built up using a computer.
    • a layer of jelly is placed on the skin to prevent sound waves reflecting off the skin
  7. what does the bell of a stethoscope do?
    collects sounds from the patient
  8. what does the tubes of a stethoscope do?
    carry the sounds to the earpieces
  9. what does the earpieces of a stethoscope do?
    pass the sounds into the doctors ears while blocking out background noises
  10. what are noise levels measured in?
    decibels, dB
  11. regular exposure to noise levels above what can cause damage to hearing?
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