Competence related pay

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  1. What is CRP
    involve paying staff wholly or partly in relation to level of competence they demonstrate in carrying out their roles.

    why ? employers seek to encourage flexibility, multi-skilling and continuous development
  2. What different btw har and soft?
    • Hard:= work bake competences (should be albe to do)
    • Soft = Behaviour (characteristics ppl need to demonstrate in their work., team work, strategic thinking, leadership
  3. Armstrong (2000) and three key aspect of competency
    • 1. Input (knowledge, skill, personal attribute)
    • 2. Process (behaviour require to convert the input in to output)
    • 3. Out put ( referring to the out come achieve)
  4. Advantages of CRP
    • 1. Encourage competence development
    • 2. Fits de-;auered organisation by facilitating lateral career moves
    • 3. Helps to intergrate role and organisational core competencies
    • 4. form part of an intergrated,, competencies -based approach to ppl management
    • 5. Deliver message that competences is important
  5. Disadvantages of CPC
    • 1. Relies on appropriate, relevent and agreed competence profiles
    • 2. Assessment of competence level may be difficult
    • 3. Might pay for irrelevant competencies
    • 4. Link to pay may be arbitrary ( chuyên quyền?)
    • 5. Cost may escalate if inappropriate or unused competencies are rewarded.
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