Health Physics: Using the Spectrum

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  1. what is a laser?
    • a very intense beam of light that carries a great deal of energy
    • can cut through human body tissue and seals blood vessels
  2. what are lasers used in?
    • medicine, for: eye surgery
    • removal of birthmarks
    • removal of cancerous tumours
  3. what are x-rays used for?
    can be used to find broken bones
  4. how does an x-ray work?
    • a beam of x-rays is aimed at the patient
    • since bones is more dense than the surrounding tissue it absorbs more x-rays
    • a shadow is cast on the photographic film placed behind the patient
    • the x-rays blacken the film, so the bones show up white and any breaks as dark lines
  5. what is a computerised tomography?
    • a series of horizontal x-ray images are taken of the body
    • a computer then uses these slices to build up a 3-D image of the body
    • this enables small tumours to be found very accurately and provides more detailed images than conventional x-ray pictures
  6. what is infrared radiation?
    simply heat radiation with a wavelength longer than that of visible light
  7. what is infrared radiation used for?
    to speed up the recovery of injured muscles and tissues
  8. what is ultraviolet radiation?
    • radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light
    • excessive exposure can cause skin cancer
  9. what is a thermogram?
    infrared radiation is used in a thermal imagingcamera where object at different colours on a picture
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