Bio Ch. 10

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  1. trait
    variation of a particular inherited character
  2. genetics
    study of heredity
  3. cross fertilization
    process by which sperm from one flower's pollen fertilizes the eggs in a flower of a different plant
  4. hybrid
    off-sping of two different true-breeding varieties
  5. monohybrid cross
    mating of two organisms that differ in only one character
  6. allele
    alternative form of a gene
  7. homozygous
    having two identical alleles for a gene
  8. heterozygous
    having two different alleles for a gene
  9. dominant
    descriptive of an allele in a heterozygous individual that appears to be the only one affecting trait
  10. recessive
    descriptive of an allele in a heterozygous individual that does not appear to affect a trait
  11. punnett square
    diagram showing the probabilities of the possible outcomes of a genetic cross
  12. phenotype
    observable traits of an organism
  13. genotype
    genetic makeup of an organism; combination of alleles
  14. testcross
    mating of and individual of unknown genotype but dominant phenotype with a homozygous recessive individual
  15. dihybrid cross
    mating of two organisms that differ in two characters
  16. intermediate inheritance
    inheritance in which heterozygotes have a phenotype
  17. pedigree
    a chart that shows the inheritance of a particular trait in a family
  18. sex-linked gene
    genes located on sex chromosomes
  19. codominance
    more than two alleles
  20. carrier
    organism who can carry a certain gene or disease
  21. genetic conselour
    a person who can give you all the probabilities of what your baby will be like
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