Telecommunications: Communication Using Waves

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  1. what is the speed of sound in air?
  2. what is the speed of light in air?
    3x108 m/s
  3. what is an example that proves that the speed of light is quicker than the speed of sound?
    when a flash of lightning is seen before the thunder is heard
  4. what do waves do?
    carry energy from place to place and therefore they can be used to transmit signals
  5. what is the frequency of a wave?
    number of waves passing a point each second
  6. what is the speed of a wave?
    distance travelled by a wave in one second
  7. what is the amplitude of a wave?
    size of maximum disturbance from centre - position
  8. what is the wavelength of a wave?
    the distance from one point on a wave to the same point on the next wave
  9. what is the period of a wave?
    time taken for one wave to pass a point
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