English Exam Vocab

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  1. What is repulsion?
    Desire to aviod; disgust
  2. What is aptitude?
    Skill or suitability for
  3. What does formative mean?
    Occuring at the time of most influence
  4. What does abstain mean?
    To not do something; refrain
  5. What's sustain?
    To support for an extended period of time
  6. What does infantile mean
    Childish; imature
  7. What does improvise mean
    to create without any forethougt or preparation
  8. What does disposition mean?
    Attitude or mood
  9. What's an agenda
    a plan of action; purpose
  10. What does inept mean?
    Unskilled; clumsy
  11. What's belligerence?
    Warlike mood or attitude
  12. What's a bibliophile
    One who loves book
  13. What's an allegation?
    a claim or asseration that someone has done something wrong or illegal
  14. What does cordial mean?
    warmly friendly and polite
  15. What does abjure mean?
    To swear off; renounce
  16. What is perjury
    Breaking of a legal oath
  17. What does rapt mean?
    Giving total attention to; captivated
  18. What does indomitable mean?
    Unbeatable; resilient
  19. What is a precept mean?
    An idea important to a system of beliefs
  20. What does theocracy mean?
    Government by a religous leader of figure
  21. What does prologue mean?
    A speech, passage, or event coming before the main speech or event
  22. What does matriculate mean?
    To enroll in a degree program, especially at a college
  23. What does expatriate mean?
    A person living outside his or her native country
  24. What is a genealogy?
    the study of families and descendants
  25. What's a revival
    The act or process of bringing back to life
  26. What does relative mean?
    Dependent upon
  27. What's an effigy?
    A figure constructed in mockery
  28. What does phosphorescent mean
    Giving off light without heat
  29. What does photogenic mean?
    Attractive in pictures or photgraphs
  30. What's an edict?
    An offical order
  31. What's a specter
    A ghost or a phantom
  32. What's a pronouncement?
    A declaration of opinion; judgement
  33. What's a prologue
    A speech, passage or event coming before the main speech or event
  34. What does bellicose mean?
    warlike in nature
  35. What is a philanthrophy?
    a charitable donation to public causes
  36. What does inaudible mean?
    So quiet as to be impossible to hear
  37. What does analgous?
    Comparable to; like
  38. What does equitable mean?
    fair; just
  39. What does alleviate mean?
    To make less painful or dangerous
  40. What's an incision?
    A cut made in oreder to get inside something
  41. What does dissemble mean?
    to conceal the truth; deceive
  42. What does metaphorical mean?
    Symbolic rather than literal
  43. What does sophisticate mean?
    one well-traveld and knowledgeable about culture, etuutte and/or fashion
  44. What is an antibiotic?
    Causing the death of living organisms, especiallty harmful ones.
  45. What does indecisive mean?
    Unable to make choices
  46. What does antebellum mean?
    occuring before a war
  47. What does patronize mean?
    • 1. To regularly visit or give business to
    • 2. To talk down to; condescend
  48. What does miniscule mean?
  49. What doe progenitor mean?
    The founder of a line or race
  50. What does immortalized mean?
    to preserve in memory forever
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