Methods for teaching reading

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  1. Repeat readings
    meant that the studnet read teh same passage several time while getting guidance from teh teacehr.
  2. Inderpendent reading
    is when teh students read on their own.
  3. phonics
    teachers kids the relations hip between tletters adn sounds
  4. sight word recognition
    stresses the high frequency words which are so well known that they can be read instantly. by teaching early readers they have aset of wordes they know which wil lgive them the opportunity to focus on whords they may have problems with.
  5. whole language
    is a big picture approach to reading. in contrast with the more skillbased instruction of phonics and the more traditional appraoch of sight reading, propnents of whole language say that reading is a transactioal process whereby the studnt makes meaning within his context, is immersed in a reachly textural enviorment, shooses texts to read, interpret texts, writes and publishes.
  6. decoding
    is the capacity for the student to apply his knowledge of letter sound relationships an dletter patterns to correctly pronounce written words.
  7. sturctural analysis
    • means breaking words into parts or syllable, which is said to give studetns word attack skills to tackle newwords. By understandin the sturcutre or parts of words, it will help them to decode new words in teh future.
    • Ex. v/cv open= vowel cononentt vowel
  8. Contect clues
    are ascertained when the reader uses prediction to figure out what a word might mean. syntactic cues inglued grammar, word order, and word endings.
  9. semantics
    is the study of meaning in communicaiton. when one students semantics one considers words and their denotation, or dictionary definitions and connotations, or emtoinal association. provides hints to readers for meaning.
  10. homonyms
    are words that sound the same bu are spelled differently
  11. antonyms
    are words that have opposite meaning
  12. synonyms
    are different words with similar meaning
  13. phonemes
    are teh individual sounds in words.
  14. graphemes
    are the written letters in words.
  15. reading workshop
    are disgned to encourage students to read self selceted bookds independently or in smallgroups. afterwards, student are expected to respond to the booksby writing in theri reading logs and discussin the book in small group with other students who are reading the same book. It helps sutdentss to become fluent readers and to deepen thier appreciation of books and reading.
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