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  1. Broadmann's numbers for primary motor, somatosensory, visual, auditory
    • motor: 4 frontal (SMA, premotor = 6)
    • sensory: 3, 1, 2 parietal
    • visual: 17 occipital
    • auditory: 41 temporal lobe
  2. Cortical layers (laminar organization)
    • I: molecular layer
    • II: External granule layer
    • III: External pyramidal layer, project to opposite hemisphere
    • IV: internal granule layer, receives sensory info
    • V: internal pyramidal layer, prominent in motor areas, project to subcortical regions, spinal cord
    • VI: multiform layer
  3. if crossing fibers of optic chiasm are damaged:
    this comes from the nasal retina, but carries info for the temporal visual field
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